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Year 12 Day 222 17:47
#1: Why do vessels that cannot enter atmosphere and have no landing ability (ie, Tabder, Neutron) require the use of rockivory in their production, as rockivory is for anti-grav units?

#2: Varmigio and Durelium are both needed for hyperdrive. Is this only a redundancy issue or are they compounds that contextually would need to be combined in order to produce the results needed for hyperdrive technology?

Year 12 Day 222 19:07
#1: The Tabder (for example) requires less than three times the amount of RockIvory the smallest freighter does. After doing some research, which required only minimal effort, I found that antigrav technology can be used in space, but only around a planet, and presumably to help maintain a stable orbit.

Repulsorlifts only worked within a gravity well, as the technology required mass to push against. For a typical habitable planet such as Alderaan, "antigrav range" was approximately six planetary diameters, or around seventy-five thousand kilometers. Repulsorlifts used minimal power and were reliable enough to be utilized continuously.

- Wookieepedia - Repulsorlift

#2: Hyperdrive technology is very complicated. I don't think it would be too much to assume it's worthy of two material sources for production.

Year 12 Day 222 19:24
Thank you Elijah!

I can see where the orbiting issue can make sense, but then again sublight engines should provide all the thrust necessary to set an orbit - after all that's what NASA does without anti-grav units. But okay.

Secondly, that's what I assumed but I only thought to ask because everything else in the economy seems to be over-simplified ;)

Anyway, thanks for indulging those questions!

Year 12 Day 222 19:37
They were good questions and it doesn't hurt to ask. Keep in mind that my answers are just my thoughts on the matter. And I'm with you on the sublight engines. ;)

Year 12 Day 222 19:38
You will find that all ships include the RM costs for all the escape pods they have on board. Since escape pods land on a planet, they have repulsors, and so add rock ivory to the total ships RM requirements.


Year 12 Day 222 21:08
That makes even more sense! thanks :P

Year 12 Day 222 22:17
I always assumed it was for the ship's artificial gravity units.