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Year 12 Day 222 19:46
I heard you can save an XML scan of a city. How do I do that?


Echelon Gerendal
The Flyer for Hire
Year 12 Day 222 22:16
When you press the Scanner button, at the top of the scan window should be a link that says something along the lines of [Save As XML]

Year 12 Day 223 6:12
There is nothing like that.

So. Right now I can go over to the Right side of the screen and click Ground Travel. That will then show a map, and above that map I click Scanner. All that Scanner shows is the map and NPC/Objects, and there is no Save as XML.

Are we talking about the same Scanner or Place?


Echelon Gerendal
The Flyer for Hire
Year 12 Day 223 6:14
You probably need to be in a ship.


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Year 12 Day 223 7:33
Yeah, you need to be in some entity an use its scanners, and even then, i've been having troubles with some specific kinds of ships.


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