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Year 7 Day 31 15:33
How do I board a space station? I flew my ship to that square but I can't find any kind of option that would allow me to get on it. Please Help.

Year 7 Day 31 15:52
Has the owner assigned it to you, or put you on the crewlist? Best to scan it, and talk to the owner :)


Year 7 Day 32 12:36
It's owned by my faction. When I looked at the rules I thought that it said that you could board it if it was owned by you or your faction.

Year 7 Day 32 15:07
Dan Neo
Dan Neo
To be able to land in the station one of the following criteria must be fulfilled:
- The ship or Pilot Belongs to the same Faction as the space station
- The ship is on the space station's docking list
- The ship owner is also the space station owner
- The space station owner is also the ship commander
- A passenger on the ship is a member of the Faction owning the space station
- A passenger on the ship is the Owner of the space station
- The space station is owned by NPCs

The following must also be fulfilled:
- You must be at the same location as the space station
- The space station must have enough free space for the landing ship 

Note in the first sentence it states one of the criteria must be met. A revision of that rule may be needed if you are needed to be added to the crewlist. Or the station may not have any room for you (last part of rule).

Year 7 Day 34 15:20
I'll ask someone from my faction what I need to do. Thanks.