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Year 12 Day 224 22:05
Mark Smith
Mark Smith
well to be specific i cant go in one building which is a power generator and normaly i wouldnt care but my ship is on the building so i cant board it to board my ship please help so i can get back to work!!!!!

Year 12 Day 224 22:19
Mark, I'm not sure what your particular circumstances are, but I was cautioned a long time ago to never dock in a building. The owner can deny you access, and hold your ship for ransom.

I'd suggest sending a DM to the owner of the building, and asking nicely if you can have access to collect your ship. (Being polite helps, in case the lock-out was unintentional.)

Year 12 Day 224 22:39
Mark Smith
Mark Smith
the building belongs to my faction and its not docked its on the building Edit dont worry going to level the building to the ground

Edited By: Mark Smith on Year 12 Day 224 23:19
Year 12 Day 224 23:55
When all else fails, SMASH IT!!!! :)

Maybe next time, don't park on top of any building, sometimes if you give the nice ASims time (and are polite in asking) they might move it off the building (ah kind of remember something about a bug or something that had ships being moved on top of buildings, or something, it might have been creatures)

Year 12 Day 225 0:17
You would need to have access to the facility to be able to get in - not all facilities are open to all.


Year 12 Day 225 0:54
Mark Smith
Mark Smith
thanks and in 4 days and 11 hours i shall have my revenge u got to love recycling

Year 12 Day 225 2:11
I hope you have permission to do that. Your faction not might like it if you have started recycling a power gen that is already powering up other facilities. Might even unpower enough flats to cause the planet to go uncontrolled, and your faction would then likely come and arrest you.


Year 12 Day 225 12:30
Mark Smith
Mark Smith
i do thanks

Year 12 Day 225 12:48
Alexander von Ismay
Alexander von Ismay
So.. to recap...

Land on building. Get out. Lock keys in ship.
Go down into building. Leave. Lock keys in building.
Get upset. Find sledgehammer. Level building.
Ship falls, magically unlocking.
All rejoice?

Last I checked. Landing on a building... I could still board the ship. Has this changed? Actually... I've never LANDED ON a building, to be honest.


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Year 12 Day 225 17:57
I think its more a case of him landing, and either entering the building then leaving, then not having access to get back in; or he landed, went to build, have to move to fit the building in, then found he couldn't get back in his ship.