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Year 12 Day 226 13:11
If I understood the "support us and post here if you wanna help us!" topic right, it is my duty to post here if I want it and if I can do it.
So I wanna do it!<:

My Skills:

- I'm currently got an apprentienceship as, how we would say in germany "Technischer Assistent für Informatik in der Softwaretechnik" what in english means "Technical assistance for informaiontechnology, specialized in softwaretechnology", so I got some experience with programming some C/C++ things

- Also I made my personal way in repairing some pc's in any cases, mount new parts and eject old parts, programming some RPGames on my pc and so on.

- I got some skills with editing photos, but I'm really more creative with descriptions of things, for example writing bigger textes and so on..

If you got some things for me to do, I would be really happy to do it for FREE. <:
(use it as practice for me job, cause I wanna study IT after I finished my appr.)

My e-mail:

(Don't worry about the name, its just an adress that I've made for my old wolf ET clan and I use it as the main email for all my pc activities.)

Please reply, even if you DONT need me.

Year 12 Day 226 13:20

As I've noticed on while, there arent alot of items - this maybe could be a job for me - design them for example..

Year 12 Day 226 17:45
Hmm, maybe the topic needs editing if it says that. You should look through the list of teams (The SWC Team in the Contacts & Credits menu selection), see which ones your abilities fit best and then contact the department Director to offer your services.