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Archives » Pros and Cons of building a city on a faction-owned slab?
If you build on a slab owned by your faction, what's the 'fine print' in regards to their control over your city?

If you mean that you own the facilities and they own the city slab, then you'll need to request build permission for each facility individually. Once built there's no control.

If you mean you own the city slab and are building on a terrain square on a faction planet, then there's no control once they approve the slab.

Oh, and of course they'll have OOF A/E rights as long as they control the planet.


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Thanks Hal! =)

Don't forget that if they own all the power generators, and won't give you permission to build your own, they can decide whether they think your facilities need power or not. They can also charge you a power bill or something to that effect.

Actually... you make a great point Phil. I recall something about the faction owns the slab, any highrise tenements (although they make the builder the manager to collect the FI) and possibly generators.

In other words... they can do exactly as you say.

I think I'll look elsewhere. When I build, I don't want anyone having the power to cripple my ability to eek a modest income from my own city.

the best thing to do is ASK. Different factions have different policies. Some are very reasonable, others quit Draconic. Most factions will ask that you let them own the flats and the P-Gen to power them. Some, like the one she's in, also ask that you leave space for a mine and it's P-Gen if mineral deposits are discovered.

Some demand ownership of everything and if you are lucky you get the money from them. (Why some people in HCE think we do this and send everything to the faction...when she's told them they don't have to....)

Really it's a matter of negotiation. Of course if you leave the faction their could be hard feelings and some minor bumps. but really, just talk it out.

There are some very huge pros about Faction owned slabs too. For one, if you are in that faction they often let you build on it for free or reduced costs. Often factions will help with the mats costs if it's to their advantage. and, if you are on good terms with the faction in question. You know they will protect your investment for years to come.

No matter how rich you are...A good faction will have more guns to defend your city when combat comes out. Also you will probably have help with the designs, etc. and if you are not good at city design this can be a big help. Since most factions have a "Stock" plan and offer it to you for free as a base for building your city.

The most important thing to remember about building on a faction plot is to ASK. NEVER assume, it makes an ass out of you and me.


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Another benefit to Faction owned slabs which Kyria almost touched on, Factions nearly always have basic plans you can use, and they have basic rules you must follow.
They will likely not allow you to build buildings which could hurt the planetary stats and therefor Facility Income for everyones buildings on the planet. This means that you are *likely* protected from one disgruntled troll of an employee laying down 12 slave markets just because they can.
With their basic plan they will generally also require your buildings to be within a certain ER limit perhaps 1.4-1.6, again so the stats for the whole planet will not be messed up by someone wanting to place 8 factories in their city.
If you buy a city on a slabbed up multi-tenanted gas giant for example, the stats will likely be awful because there is no regulation.

I called this a benefit initially, but I guess to some people not being able to build 12 slave markets and 8 factories is a downside. Depends on your point of view.
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They do have a couple of pre-designed plans, but they lack some of the facilities I'm interested in. (Although I believe some of the useful facilities have a limit of one per planet? I'm not sure.)

We can own smaller tenements ourselves. It's the power gens that concern me. Our recently retired faction leader, and his replacement, are both decent people, but there's no guarantee that future leaders will be.

I can see the detriment of 12 slave markets (I've no idea what the benefit of that would be), but I'm more of a 'one-of-each-type' kinda guy. I like the idea of being able to do as much as possible in the one city... spawn CP ships, browse the market, buy shop items (once the scripts are fixed), manufacture items in a factory, etc., etc.

And the building terms seem generous. Faction pays for the slab, we pay for any mats for the facilities. Faction owns any highrises (if built), and the ER stays as close to 1.5 as possible.

Just out of curiosity, why must the faction own the slab? Is it something to do with planetary control? (ie: whoever owns the most slabs has control of the planet?)

Kuro Neko
Kuro Neko
Ownership of the flats determines planetary control, not slabs. But owning the slabs controls build permission, so lets the owner set the terms of any agreement.

Giving you the slab to build on requires the faction to trust you not to:
mess up accidently;
deliberately ruin the planet stats;
sell the slab on CPM for a quick profit.

Sure, you're not going to do any of the above. But when Joe Bloggs and his group come along, you'd like the faction to be careful in protecting its planet and your investment in your city.


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As Kuro pointed out, issues with planetary stats and control are why most factions require any structure with flats and any power gens to be under their control: without it, people could bork up their work on the planet easily (sometimes unintentionally) or even affect their control.

Also, they tend to favor pre-generated plans because in short people try stupid crap. Your idea of what is a good FI city for example may be not nearly as good as you think, and prefabs are generally created and tested over a long time by very experienced people because they want something they know- not conjecture- is a good plan.


Another thing, they own the slab as otherwise you could recycle your facilities and build new flats and potentially allow the planet to become uncontrolled.


One more thing, sometimes it isnt even that the faction doesnt trust you, it can be simply what happens if you die from sunning intentionally, or if you get trapped or murdered by someone you werent expecting the slab and/or facilities will go to the market and anyone can buy it and do any of the things listed above.
It isnt that they dont trust you, it is that they dont trust might happen with your stuff should something happen to you. Which does happens sadly all of the time.
--Arch, out.