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Year 12 Day 231 2:41
Deakon Jarvis
Deakon Jarvis
The last week or so I have had firefox give me message of a pop up on swc when I change pages.

Can I ask is anyone else and if so why does SWC have it?

It slows loading even when I have block as preference on dial-up

Any type of pop-up advertising is negative for the website.

Year 12 Day 231 2:57
It seems to come from a few of the newer ads

{EDIT} It seems to be coming from the same ad, the one whose domain name expired, because the ads are small most of it is cut off, but what ah can see is "NOTICE: This domain name expired on" in red letters on a yellow background on the top with "Go Daddy"(?) bottom left and "WELCOME TO:" bottom right

Maybe one of the Staff needs to go through the BannerExchange thingie and do a tidy up

Edited By: Tiali Bixa-Loca on Year 12 Day 231 6:27
Year 12 Day 231 7:52
I'll point Vey in the direction of the broken ad-site.


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Year 12 Day 232 7:48
Offending ads have been disabled.