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Archives » Lightsaber combat vs non-projectile weapons.
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The only reason NPW is even used for non-FS is because there is no LSC skill in the database (even a 0) to draw from for those people. If you think it should default to 0 for those people I'd disagree and tell you to take that up with Zhao. =P

((Edit: But your argument is the reason I don't mind the idea of a skill cap at 1-3))

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I dont think it should be made so non-FS people can't use lightsaber or have to have NPW at 5. It hard enough to get FS and getting more SPs is not easy either, takes years to get enough to cap any skill. There are canon examples of non-FS people using them, from top of my head that Black Sun twilek bodyguard and Mandalorian guy from Clone Wars, so it shouldn't be denied to SWC players. I can imagine FS people probably dont give a damn and would like to keep all the fun to themselves, but you already all have enough bonuses. No other item/ship/vehicles/etc is restricted to a minority of players, I think lightsaber shouldn't be either.

Though I have no idea if coders even thought about it yet and I guess it will come after all weapons and ground combat is done more, so I see no point arguying about it now.


Lilith - Star Wars Story

Yeah, plenty of examples in canon (can't be bothered to go hunt now but I know I've come across a fair few in my reading) of people not only using lightsabers without having the force, but also using them well enough that a few fought off force users using their lightsabers.


General Greivous wasn't FS and was able to wield four lightsabers at once against a Jedi Knight and a Jedi Master at the same time.

I think non-FS should be able to use a lightsaber and have it tied to NPW. if someone becomes FS the lightsaber skill points could be bonus points or some sort of modifier to their already assigned NPW skill.

IMO, having a high NWP rating should be an indicator of being proficient enough to wield a 'saber without chopping your own body parts off, but when (or if) you become infected by the midiclorian virus you start to master the 'saber enabling you to do moves a non-infected sentient could only dream about (a lot of the dazzling moves both the Jedi and Sith were able to perform was because they were able to tap into the Force)

I disagree with argument that lightsabre would be completely different to wield than normal weapons. Each and every melee weapon has different balance, yet all well made melee weapons are made in such way that both ends are balanced - weight is distributed evenly so that the point of equilibrium is in the handle, where you hold it (or for two handed weapons in center between your hands). I can see no reason why lightsabre can't be balanced in same way.
It would be much different handling lightsabre than a sword as there is much different momentum and inertia. On the other hand halberd and combat knife have quite different momentum and inertia too, and yet NPW skill is used for both of them...

I personally think that NPW would be best to handle the LS combat, while LS combat skill itself could be used for those special tricks that only FS people can do thus only increasing the overall proficiency level or (if such feature is planned in any way) giving special moves or other special advantage (increasing accuracy? damage? defense?).
I think it'd be best if it could be made this way.
Even a person who can't really fight well can use force to do some special maneuvres (with jumping like frog, using lesser forms of force push to disorient opponent or throw him off balance, disorienting him by lesser mindtricks etc. - even if he can't use specific force powers he can know their basics even if as little to just provide little distractions - which summed up could work as such combat skill itself).
On the other hand a person who can handle weapons very well may be not able to use those small force tricks to gain advantage in fight.
So maybe LS fighting (or force fighting) could just provide bonuses in various areas to fighting while not being a skill used itself to define proficiency with lightsabre?


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