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Archives » Issue with droids as passengers.
Year 12 Day 238 13:40
Mika Noris
Mika Noris
I always thought that deactivated droids count toward used cargo space and activated ones count toward passengers limit.
Seems that from some time, droids in my party affect both passengers capacity and volume/weight capacity of my ships.
Is it a new feature (I've missed some rules changes) or just some other kind of bug/issue/whatever ?

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Edited By: Mika Noris on Year 12 Day 238 13:41
Year 12 Day 238 14:05
Someone will have to give a definite answer but I do believe all droids, once removed from the cargo container, are active and do not suffer the breakdowns as they normally would. As such they count towards passenger capacity, at least my droids do. Hope that helps.

Year 12 Day 238 14:34
Mika Noris
Mika Noris
That's exactly what I thought and exactly as it used to be, as far as I remember.
However - for some time, droids onboard of my ship, count towards passengers capacity and weight/volume capacity at the same time.
Checked with various types of droids and various kinds of ships.


Year 12 Day 238 14:42
They've done that for a while.


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Year 12 Day 238 18:00
Yep, ever since I joined - a few years now, they have always taken up both passenger space and cargo capacity.