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Year 12 Day 239 19:58
Umbeck Traxer
Umbeck Traxer
Is it just me, or is the room map for the CCC.... impossible?
Seriously there is no way to get to half of the rooms. I don't even need to show you the top rooms because clearly they don't come down on the other side.
I assume this is an error that needs to be fixed... otherwise why are there rooms that are impossible to get to?
I merely ask because I was Easter Egg hunting and noticed how... odd it was.

Year 12 Day 239 20:28
There are a few buildings like that. Really, room maps just need a revamp.


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Year 12 Day 239 20:43
Aye, especially starships.

Admins, you know there are players out there willing to form teams to come up with an organized standard to simply present to you all? You may use it or not but at least some of the work is done. I've always thought room maps would be a good project of this sort, there are others too.

Year 12 Day 239 21:10
There's absolutely nothing stopping you from doing that.

Year 12 Day 239 22:40
Wasn't this one of the reasons for the room map tool that was requested, so they could use it to quickly fix up these 'hidden' rooms.


Year 12 Day 240 6:25
Umbeck Traxer
Umbeck Traxer
Semi-Detatched House? More like Fully detatched!

Skyscrapper 100. Here is another. There are about 4 floors nearly identical to this where the main section is unavailable.

High Rise 50. 3rd floor

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Year 12 Day 240 9:21
I know that Mikel, but I threw it out there looking for some feedback on whether the asims would appreciate it or not.

Year 12 Day 240 16:51
The SDH room is obviously a hidden passageway for the Underground Railroad.

Year 12 Day 241 0:17
I support creating a new Room Design team, to make up appropriate room-maps to upload when a) the new tool is working and B) when they can be uploaded.


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Year 12 Day 241 6:46
IIRC, this was 'fixed' because people were complaining the CCC was like a maze.

You had to go round the building in circles to reach the control room.

People wanted it to be quicker, so they put the shortcut in, and accidentally forgot the adjoining doors to those blocked off rooms.

It'd be possible to update it, but we'd need a tool to reset the room maps of a given entity type.


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Year 12 Day 241 7:36
While we're on the topic of ridiculous room maps, can I bring up the CR-series of ships? My 90a has 4 rooms in a single, straight line, when in canon it had (at least) 3 decks and was, by my best estimates, 5 or 6 of our rooms long. I know that mostly applies to the other CR series as well.

So if we could have a room redesign project after a tool was created that'd be great.

Year 12 Day 241 9:01
I was a little puzzled by the room layout of the 90a myself, especially as I "upgraded" to it from an YV-666 that has 8 rooms but only has passenger capacity of 25, as opposed to the 90a's 155.

Year 12 Day 241 9:15
while you are talking about it, 1210 could be upgraded too with more rooms =P at least like YT-1300, 2 rooms is like a fighter or a shuttle, 1210 is bigger than that, at least in my opinion.


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Year 12 Day 241 9:24
If the admins provide us some tools/guidance I'll head up the redesign starting with ships.