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Year 12 Day 239 21:29
Ok, I am prospecting for some mats..I am lets say 4,2..and a pile of Rms at 12.7. But there is already a fully built city there. Would I be able to mine it from 4,2?

Year 12 Day 239 21:45
Umbeck Traxer
Umbeck Traxer
If there is no deposit in the city/terrain at your current location, you can scan regardless of current development.

You cannot scan a city/terrain square you are not currently in. If you are in square 4,2 you must either cross terrain, fly into atmo, or go to orbit and come down to 12,7 to attempt to scan there.

Year 12 Day 239 23:09
If the deposit of RMs (guessing that is what you mean by 'pile of RMs') is at (12, 7) you must have one heck of a tunnel system to mine it from (4, 2)

If there is a fully built city at the location of the deposit, the owner of the city would have to give you permission to build a mine in their city for you to access the RMs

Year 12 Day 239 23:18
Each deposit can only be mined from that specific city where the deposit lays. There is no way to mine a deposit in one city from another city in different location.