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Year 12 Day 242 8:53
For giggles, lets say I wanted to make a custom NPC.
According to the rules "Custom NPCs must not be given the same name as any other player, current or otherwise."
So you cannot name your NPC after someone.

Now what happens if I were to sun myself for whatever reason, would I be able to name myself after that NPC, and RP as if I were that character? It doesnt say you cant take an NPCs name or picture so I was curious.
--Arch, out.

Year 12 Day 242 16:51
I'd like to know this as well! It's a great question, and I think it would add to the RP element of the game. =)

Year 12 Day 242 19:56
There is nothing in the rules to prevent it. I believe that was what Teniel did, as her previous character Keir Santiago had an NPC called Teniel Djo and he took that name when he recreated.

Though it might be a bit wierd with IC/OOC boundries and Golden Rule if you didn't get the NPC killed off when you respawned. Probably something that an ASim would need to rule on.


Year 12 Day 242 23:08
Keir Santiago?

Year 12 Day 243 6:16
Ishi Tempah
Ishi Tempah
Santiago de Keir. Duh


Year 12 Day 243 9:53
Whatever. I wasn't around for that version of his character, and I just remember it was that way. SO sue me...


Year 12 Day 243 9:59
Shuji Shizuka
Shuji Shizuka
/me hires Daygon's lawyer


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Year 12 Day 243 23:19
Keir Santage used the name Teniel Djo in many of his scams, and RPed her as his daughter, but there was no NPC in the DB with the name Teniel Djo. When the Keir character was lost, he used the Teniel Djo name for his recreate.


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Year 12 Day 244 6:39
I did mention sunning as the way to go out, which would also assume your NPC wasn't onboard. It would seem silly to RP becoming your NPC if your NPC was in your party when you burned up, or got on a murderers ship.
--Arch, out.

Year 12 Day 244 9:30
Kai Oryk
Kai Oryk
The idea for the Custom NPC rules was that you would not be allowed to take the name or any current or past player characters.

If you have a NPC, which you later chose to "become"/assume the identity of once your previous character is killed/etc. then there is no NPC team rule against it.

Keir Santage, yes. Keir chose Teniel as a name, when one of his friends used to use the character in a RP they wrote - no NPC - but he roleplayed Teniel as Keir's daughter.