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Year 12 Day 243 21:59
Anakin le Fay
Anakin le Fay
Are any of the current non-projectile weapons able to block a lightsaber? You know, like the Force Staffs on Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith?


Year 12 Day 243 22:06
Blocking hasn't even been implemented yet, but at the moment I don't know of any weapons we have that would block a lightsaber.

Year 12 Day 244 22:10
Mark Smith
Mark Smith
Actually in the Force Unleashed wookies with Ryyk blades were able to block Vader's light saber by crossing both blades. so Ryyk blades are onebut their must be two.

Year 12 Day 244 23:44
About the only thing that can block a 'saber is something called 'cortosis weave' (probably butchered the spelling)

Year 12 Day 244 23:56
Mark Smith
Mark Smith
Also Felucian bones their light saber resistant but i highly doubt that they would be put into combine any way :\

Year 12 Day 245 2:06
You're forgetting the principles of KISS. Either all weapons will be able to block lightsabers (as in the KOTOR games, where they're assumed to have a basic cortosis weave) or none of them will be.

I expect that it will likely be assumed that all weapons will have trace elements of cortosis, and be able to block lightsabers. But that's just my guess.


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Year 12 Day 245 17:18
I hope heavy armours of all types (or all armours) will have cortosis weave in them, or lightsabres will be awfully overpowered ;)


Year 12 Day 245 17:48
Lightsabers work like any other weapon, just like in most MMOs, console games, etc. They have a damage factor per hit and follow combat rules like other weapons. There's no such thing as them automatically slicing someone in half or whatever you're imagining for some reason.

Year 12 Day 245 18:14
If I wore underwear, it would have cortosis weave.


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Year 12 Day 248 20:21
Cortosis, phrik, beskar, ultrachrome, neutronium, darkswords, Bane's parasites the name of which I can't remember right now, any objects imbued with Force Weapon, any objects created or altered by Sith Alchemy, probably some more stuff I can't remember.

This list is from memory, it's been a while since I've been on Wookieepedia. Regardless though, the rarity of the materials combined with the nature of damage in a game means that most likely all weapons will have a measure of resistance against a lightsaber.


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Year 12 Day 250 21:52
Orbilisks is the name of the parasite, and Viroblades were could stop the blade to