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Archives » DM forwarded to email - bugged?
Year 12 Day 244 6:03
For some reason my DMs have stopped being forwarded to my email account.

I have checked that the correct email address is used in the account settings, I have checked the spam box in my gmail account, and that DMs are sent to both Darkness and mail.

The last sent DM that was forwarded was sent on Year 12 Day 238, 15:13, and the ones missing after that;
Year 12 Day 239, 9:02
Year 12 Day 239, 10:42
Year 12 Day 241, 5:24
Year 12 Day 241, 6:37
Year 12 Day 244, 5:36

Last forwarded received DM was Year 12 Day 238, 15:10, but I have not receive any DMs after that, so not sure if that is a problem.

Any ideas?

Year 12 Day 244 9:26
Kai Oryk
Kai Oryk
Have you been toggling your DM send to email function; have you made any changes to the selected email address you're using; is said email active?

DM to email is working fine, as I've been using it and have as recent as today been receiving the messages without any issues.


Year 12 Day 244 9:44
No, I haven't made any changes in a long time. I have made a separate email account that is dedicated to online games, and I have DM copies in there from as far back as 19 Jan. 2010.

But, just to be sure, I clicked 'change' next to 'Messages are currently sent to:' in the account settings (it was set to both) and then DM'ed myself...and that one got through.

A glitch perhaps? I'll see how it behaves in the next few days.

Year 12 Day 244 9:46
Kai Oryk
Kai Oryk
Possibly, but glad to hear you've got it working again. Be sure to let us know if the problem comes back.