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Year 12 Day 245 12:48
I was wondering, is there actual difference between the Bilogical, Energy and Multiple sensor pack? The descriptions mention some focus scans and stuff but I found no option for anything like that, though they all have Implemented icon.

Tried all three of them and they all seem to let you share Perception/sensors with NPCs, Biological and Energy also display Shield and Ionic values on ships, without those I just see Hull value and nothing else.

Edited By: Lilith Delcroix on Year 12 Day 245 12:49

Lilith - Star Wars Story

Year 12 Day 245 14:06
Good question Lilith. If we can get some definitive answers here then I'll update the descriptions so it's more enlightening. :D

Year 12 Day 245 14:24
That would be cool, thanks.


Lilith - Star Wars Story

Year 12 Day 245 17:15
AFAIK it worked like this:
Biological Sensors could show biological stuff when scanning (I think how many passengers/NPCs were onboard of vehicle/ship?)
Energy Sensors could show nonbiological stuff (RMs, Vehicles docked in ships)
Multisensor Packs could do both...

I'm not 1005 sure though if I don't mix up something as I didn't do much scanning ;P

But as scanning has been changed a bit ago, now all sensor pack types just allow you to share sensors with other entities. NPCs also have to have sensor packs equipped to be able to share sensors with anyone.


Year 12 Day 245 17:49
Sensor packs still do what Til describes. When focus scanning you see the number of passengers, ionic value, etc. based on the sensor pack you have equipped.

Year 12 Day 245 18:42
okay, how do you focus scan? I have tried all three of them inside and outside of a ship and couldn't find any new button or anything that would let me do a focus scan. The Hull, Shields and Ionic value simply show on Scanner when I am outside and click Ship tab, though the last two only with sensor pack equiped.


Lilith - Star Wars Story

Year 12 Day 245 18:50
Awesome, I'll get those descriptions updated soon.

Lilith, just do a general scan, which is clicking the large scanner button and then beside each of the entities that come up (those in range) is a smaller scan button. Click the smaller one to do a focused scan.

Year 12 Day 245 18:58
I think I have to be blind...

I go to Travel screen, click on the Scanner button on top, I get list of stuff I can see. I hit + to see the ship that is on the same location as me and all I get is name, location, owner, hull, shields and ionic, no other button or anything. I think I would have noticed some new button =P


Lilith - Star Wars Story

Year 12 Day 245 19:23
I think you're doing it already, but just in case...

It has to be an entity within range of your actual scanners. If it's a friendly unit out of range you may still click it and look but will be unable to do a focused scan.

General Scan:

Focused Scan:

Year 12 Day 245 19:31
okay, maybe I should have been more specific, I meant using one of those three sensor packs, not scanning from a ship, I know how to do that =P It doesn't matter which one you have equiped when using the ship to scan, its not using the item.


Lilith - Star Wars Story

Year 12 Day 245 19:36
Using an MSP the only thing I can see that it does is provide more information for ships. But no, it doesn't seem to allow a focused scan of any type, for any entity. probably hasn't been implemented yet.

Year 12 Day 245 23:43
Ah, I had forgotten that the focus scan on foot was removed (shows how much I get onto the ground).

If you un-equip the sensor pack, does it still show the ship's shields/ionic? Because it shouldn't unless you have the MSP/ESP thingy equipped.

Year 12 Day 246 1:03
I thought they allowed you to scan docked entities, since you cannot tell who or what is inside a docked entity.


Year 12 Day 246 3:46
Yes Mikel, if the MSP is un-equipped it will not display those values. If it is equipped then it will display thow two values along with the hull. Only shows this on ships though and nothing else that I could see.

Year 12 Day 246 4:27
I said it at least twice I couldn't be Ionic and Shields without sensor pack equiped. MSP and Energy sensor pack show them, I think it was Biological that didn't.

Ah, so there is suppose to be focus scan feature on foot but its not there, thanks.


Lilith - Star Wars Story

Year 12 Day 246 11:54
...and they all seem to let you share Perception/sensors with NPCs...

- The Customization Goddess

So say I have Perception at 3, and my NPC in my party has Perception at 4. If I'm equipped with a MSP will I now have the same Perception as my NPC, or will it need a MSP as well? Thanks for any help!


Year 12 Day 246 11:56
The NPC would need a sensor pack equipped as well. It's great for equipping to remote squads as they patrol a city and you sit back with your high-powered sniper rifle. ;)

Lilith: Sorry if I read over where you said that. I've been a bit busy and frazzled lately.

Year 12 Day 246 11:57
Wonderful! Thanks Mikel!


Year 12 Day 246 12:10
Yeah, what Mikel said, you and the NPC need sensor pack each to share.

Its okay, thanks for the help. Now we need some coder to put back the focus scan button =P


Lilith - Star Wars Story

Year 12 Day 247 1:28
Eshini`el Sandhawk
Eshini`el Sandhawk
Very informative topic. Thanks.