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Zebulon Corey
Zebulon Corey
I've got a problem with my signup.

I wanted to register yesterday and filled out the first page with the handle name and eMailadress and so on. It said that my handle (Zebulon Corey) was already chosen and I should choose another name. I thought to myself "Ok, sleep a night, have a look at all the guides concerning character creation (also because of skills and so on) again and then come back tomorrow to make your character." I closed the browser window and didn't chose a race, skills or something else.

As I checked my eMails this morning I received a mail from SWCombine in which I was told that my character was accepted. Thank you for this, but I didn't even chose any skills or a race yesterday. I don't understand why my incomplete creation was accepted. Thank you for being accepted as I want to join the Combine but if it's possible then I'd like to do the character creation completely.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for taking you time.

Zebulon Corey (or whatever my name will be ;) )

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It is sorta done in two stages.
First you send of the handle, email etc information.
Once this is accepted, then you can finish making your character (skills and all that). After that you choose your starting location.

Hope that helps...

Zebulon Corey
Zebulon Corey
Ah, ok, thank you for the information. I'll check it out as soon as I'm back at home (I'm at university at the moment).

I'll post again (or edit this post) when it's done.

Thank you,

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