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Year 12 Day 253 20:14
Yarchur Orion
Yarchur Orion
I joined SWC only a few months ago, so sorry if I am asking something really obvious.

My sister has seen what fun I am having, and she wants to join to. She also is scared she'll get killed pretty quick, so she wants to tag along with me. We would have to use the same IP address, so I know we would look like illegal multis, particularly if we interact in the way she wants to.

What do we do? I am trying to persuade her to start an independent life of her own but I want to be certain of what we can and can't do before she gets me banned.

If she followed me everywhere, used my ships, and shared my credits, we would get shot down, right? But if she started her life somewhere else, and pusued a career independent of mine that would be OK?

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Year 12 Day 253 20:18
If your sister starts her own account and lists you as a multi, then there shouldn't be any problems. There are certain activities and behaviours that the Admin monitor for that show if multi-accounts are being accessed by the same person. Two (or more) separate people should not demonstrate these behaviours through normal usage, and there should be no problems. Obviously I can't go into detail or the cheating people will know what to avoid. ;)

Her being on your ship, or whatever, isn't going to be an issue.

Edit: Sharing credits, most specifically one account holding all of them (or all the assets in general) is bad. Letting your sister use one of the ships you already have is not-so-bad, and as long as you don't show other signs of being illegal accounts you'll probably be fine.

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Year 12 Day 253 20:22
Yarchur Orion
Yarchur Orion
OK thanks, I realize we posted at the same time. Knowing what to avoid would be helpful but I understand that can't be given away.