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Year 12 Day 261 6:08
Jan Hutti
Jan Hutti
I know the combine is developed by people in their spare time. I wanted to know if there was a place a player could go to see the status of the various projects like combat R&D etc. like project plans or a blog. I have looked but cant find one.

Year 12 Day 261 7:27
Nope. There used to, but it ended up not being updated so it held incorrect information and was more misleading than anything else.


Year 12 Day 261 7:58
Jan Hutti
Jan Hutti
Thanks Mr. Ellias that is to bad but I suppose that is the way of it.

Year 12 Day 261 10:29
There has been discussion of bringing something of this nature back.


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Year 12 Day 261 12:53
what about the developer projected plan? i thought i saw a video or two explaining what was expected to be completed in the upcoming year.


Year 12 Day 262 11:25
I'm pretty sure that was just a combat demo.



Year 12 Day 262 13:17
Unfortunately things are started, delayed, cancelled, re-organized, altered, etc so often, making an arbitrary "We're x% done", rather useless. Like others said, we had it for a long time, and I think there were projects on there for years and years without movement, simply because a different approach was taken, or they were decided to be irrelevant for the current time. We do have the dev chart (somewhere), which lists the order of things to come, but it's not entirely accurate either.


Year 12 Day 263 2:04
Jan Hutti
Jan Hutti
It could of course change but at least players would know the current thinking and planning.

Year 12 Day 263 12:01
We're working on Combat and R&D. There, you know what we're doing!

Really, it's incredibly annoying to even have to list what we're working on, much less keep up with some arbitrary page stating "We're 15% done with feature X!"

Year 12 Day 263 13:53
i understand mikel, but please try to see it from the player base side. i think i speak for everyone when i say we aren't trying to rush anyone or put any kind of pressure on you guys. but more that we would like to know what we should be getting prepared for.

as you said "combat and R&D" that's good enough for me, and i thank you for that sir.


Year 12 Day 265 1:57
At the moment, the main projects are:
- combat (Sin)
- Galaxy (Jesfa and his team)
- New Faction selector (Khan)
- Web services (BK & Khan)


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Year 12 Day 265 2:36
Oh great and honorable Sim Master, could we get that information posted somewhere? (ignore the ass kissing, trying to get off that damned blacklist)


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Year 12 Day 265 7:40
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Year 12 Day 288 8:01
Jan Hutti
Jan Hutti
Thanks Mr. Veynom

Will there be R&D and reverse engineering as well?

Year 12 Day 288 21:34
R&D/Reverse engineering comes after combat, or when we get enough coders to start work on that as well.


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