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Year 12 Day 266 10:44
I logged onto my Combine account at a buddy's place to show him and try to get him into it again. Now he cant join because of that. This is my home pc let him join please... Check my ip with his and you can tell.

Edited By: Adam Miller on Year 12 Day 266 10:45
Year 12 Day 266 12:43

This is faster.

Year 12 Day 266 17:31
Funny thing is, I told him it would be quicker and easier to make the support ticket in his other thread...


Year 12 Day 267 1:04
But you did not give me a link or anything i am new so i did not know where to make a ticket i am still learning the forums.

Year 12 Day 267 3:08
But I'm sure I did say the name of the link and where to find it (bottom right of the page), which would help you find it in the future if you lost the link Jevon gave you. Give a man a fish, teach him to fish, principle.


Year 12 Day 267 10:33
I much prefer the "give a man fire, light a man on fire" principle. But the link I gave you is at the bottom of every page, where it says "contact support".

Year 12 Day 267 14:51
Ellias, just as confirmation, you did say to lodge a support ticket, but in no way did you tell him where to do it. Your other suggestion was to come here, thus the confusion.


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