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Year 12 Day 266 21:12
Anakin le Fay
Anakin le Fay
1. Which weapons have a 'stun' setting? I've seen a few projectiles state they are purely lethal. However, most of the descriptions say nothing about stunning.

Keep in mind, this is purely for White Scenario RP purposes. I don't care about their In-Game development--I merely care which weapons should be able to stun.

Known Weapons
CS-12 Stun Master
Force Pike

2. What languages does a character start out with?
3. How does the character learn additional languages?
4. How do I change the font color in forum posts?

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Year 12 Day 266 21:51
1. Presumably only the weapons with damage type of Stun. Unlikely other weapons will be given a stun option (like the Stormtrooper blaster).

2. Whatever you want. Most would have Basic as thats the one most people use to talk to between species.

3. Again, however you want. Language is an RPed aspect - there is no language stat.


Year 12 Day 266 21:58
Pretty much all energy weapons would (or should) have a 'stun' setting (the slugthrowers would be the ones that state they are purely lethal) but there are 2 definite 'stun weapons': CS-12 Stun Master & Force Pike (the Shockball Glove could potentially be used to stun someone, but not sure)

Don't believe 'languages' have been implemented, just roleplay how you want (have seen a few roleplaying the need for a translator droid, not to mention all the Mando`ades floating around)

Year 12 Day 268 9:07
As Tiali said, most energy weapons should have settings ranging from stun to kill, unless explicitly stated otherwise. For example, most "hold-out" blasters only had a single setting, which was very powerful and thus considered illegal by most governments.

Year 12 Day 270 5:49
You use the standard html color codes to do it. But most people will not enjoy multiple colors in your posts.

Year 12 Day 270 8:18
The DLT-20a has a stun setting, according to the description.

...its stun setting gave it a small role in the area of policing... 

Year 12 Day 270 18:38
Description =/= actual rules.


Year 12 Day 270 19:39
So, just add the DLT to the list of 'should haves', and maybe when Zhao finishes playing with combat testing he can work on giving players the option of shooting to kill or shooting to capture (probably will have to injure it a certain amount first, but could then switch to 'stun mode' so as not to inflict further injury)

Year 12 Day 270 20:01
Description =/= actual rules.

- Ellias Aubec

An excellent point.

I'm sure that, as weapons develop, the skill descriptions will eventually (read 'hopefully') be updated. :)