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Year 12 Day 269 19:44
Ok, so I know how a lot of so-called "medical items" are actually their ryll-based equivalents. I'm wondering how you make these counterfeit items, and if you can test them to see if they're real or not. I, for one, don't want to fly into combat and find out that all of my medical items are actually just making my troops (or me) high. So, is there any way to see an item's "true color"?


It's a known fact that painting a red stripe on an X-wing makes it go faster.
Year 12 Day 269 19:56
Shuji Shizuka
Shuji Shizuka

Step 1: Use the item in question

Step 2: If you feel woozy, loose HP, or feel the urge to call everyone Duuuuude, it's fake. If you get healed, it's not.

That's the only way as far as i'm aware.


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Year 12 Day 269 20:17
There should be a way without having to use them on yourself. I argued and argued but nothing was changed.

Year 12 Day 269 20:24
Ishi Tempah
Ishi Tempah
Ive used both health sticks AND deathsticks. Both INCREASED hp. the deathsticks dont work.


Year 12 Day 269 20:25
Maybe it was a counterfeit drug?


Year 12 Day 269 20:31
A fake counterfeit? Intriguing

Still didn't answer Jorus' first question: how do you make the fake stuff?

Year 12 Day 269 22:16
Uh, drugs can heal you up, but they also have a chance to injur you as well. Read the medical rules.


Year 12 Day 270 0:02
You mean the part where it says deathsticks have been slipped into the supply of healing sticks?

Year 12 Day 270 0:25
whats next counterfeit creds ? or plastic guns


Year 12 Day 270 3:35
Plastic guns link. But there's absolutely no way you can tell they're plastic without going into the heat of battle first.

Year 12 Day 270 5:23
I can see it now-"You attempt to fire your bryar pistol at the angry rancor, but to your horror, a jet of water spurts out instead of the usual blaster bolt".


It's a known fact that painting a red stripe on an X-wing makes it go faster.
Year 12 Day 270 6:18
Or worse: "A flag pops out the barrel with the words 'PewPew' on it"

Year 12 Day 270 6:43
It will happen because obviously there is no way in the whole galaxy to test your weapons without first firing them in battle.

Anyone seeing the parallels yet?

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Year 12 Day 270 7:02
Pity you can't shoot your own NPCs, that would be one way to test them out: hire a builder (or one of the other NPCs that really don't have a role, like a priest), hand out the suspect weapons to your other NPCs and take turns firing at the 'target' (no experience since it's your own NPC you are executing)

Year 12 Day 270 8:15
hire a priest and take turns firing at the 'target'

- Tiali Bixa-Loca

^ This!

Year 12 Day 270 8:23
Shuji Shizuka
Shuji Shizuka
Elijah, that comparison makes no sense.

If I go down to the local gun store, despite the fact that I am by no means an expert, or really novice for that matter where guns are concerned, I could tell if a gun was a cheap plastic fake over a real one relatively easily.

But your average person also can't tell the difference just by looking at it whether an aspirin is real or a placebo. Unless you're suggesting that everyone has their drugs checked before consuming them?

The lesson: Only buy guns and drugs from respected dealers.


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Year 12 Day 270 9:09
That's only part of the lesson Shuji. How about people who make fakes of authentic antique guns? The novice wouldn't be able to tell but a professional would. By the same logic there should be methods to test medical items.

Also, you mean to tell me that I can take RMs and forge them into space worthy ships that utilize a hyperdrive to travel but that somehow I'm too dumb to test a few medical products in a lab or hospital? We're obviously not the average people in the galaxy. I can continue to draw parallels on how this feature makes no sense if it's hard for you to understand.

Year 12 Day 270 9:29
Ah, but you don't manufacture said ships - you get some workers to do it for you while you swan around the galaxy shouting orders.


Year 12 Day 270 9:33
And I don't create medical items myself. So I get the workers to do that too. Which is why I'm going to hire some of those said workers to test the medical items. Next?

Year 12 Day 270 10:19
I completely agree with Elijah-we're not normal here. It's been said in other posts-there's an estimated septillion (I think) sentient beings in the galaxy. Only about 4000 of those are played by characters. So why can't we be the "Creme de la creme", able to tell if they're about to hurt themselves or heal themselves?


It's a known fact that painting a red stripe on an X-wing makes it go faster.
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