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Archives » Getting Images into a Forum Post
So I've been trying to put pictures into a couple of my posts on the forums, but the HTML codes don't make a whole lot of sense to me. Could someone please help me?

Ordinii Gotha
Ordinii Gotha
&ltimg src="complete URL to picture here"&gt

You need to host the picture on a separate site like photobucket, tinypic etc. and place the image URL between the "s. The img src tag doesn't have and ending tag like the other ones, and there seems to be a typo in the tag list on the right when you write/reply to a post so I see why it could be confusing.

Hope this helps.

Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
There is no typo in the tag, it works fine with or without the slash.

Make sure you use the correct url when you uploaded the image, a lot of hosting sites give you urls that lead to a page of theirs with your image on it. (instead of an url directly to your image)

Year 12 Day 270 12:02
Quick, someone teach Ordinii about compliance with web standards! =P

Year 12 Day 270 12:21
I don't know, but it worked without the slash but not with it. But whatever. It works now. haha. thanks.

Year 12 Day 270 17:02
Ordinii Gotha
Ordinii Gotha
Hm, I was not aware that the slash was optional with the img tag, that's why I said it seems to be a typo. Good point on getting the correct URL Tey, should have mentioned that :)

Kendall Holm
Kendall Holm
Web Browsers have a Quirky Mode or Compatibility Mode that they go into when they detect missing or improper coding. When the browser goes into this mode it will correct the errors like properly closing the tags for you but sometimes the browser will not close the tags right causing a render error. So a Mikel put above it is proper to close those tags out so you do not force the browser to do it wherein it can cause errors.


Ordinii Gotha
Ordinii Gotha

Differences Between HTML and XHTML

In HTML the &ltimg&gt tag has no end tag.

In XHTML the &ltimg&gt tag must be properly closed.

- Website mentioned below

This information is from here.

I'm not going to be a jerk and say that technically I was right, perhaps a better piece of information is this; I learned HTML from a huge book I bought a long time ago regarding HTML 1.0 or something like that. XHTML is a term I have yet to look into :)

I will be a jerk and say that technically I was right, because if you "View Source" on any SWC pages you'll see that the DOCTYPE is listed as XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN. =P

Year 12 Day 271 15:07
Ordinii Gotha
Ordinii Gotha
I get the picture :)

Though I'd like to end this rather pointless argument of ours with the following observations;

- When you click reply and get the list of available bbCodes you can use, it specifically states HTML ON.
- OP was talking about HTML, not XHTML.
- Assuming people will view source code to understand how forum features work, on their own, when relatively straight forward game mechanics that are elaborated upon in the rules gets numerous threads in the help section during a year, is a wee bit far fetched.

Technically you were right, assuming everyone involved understood that we were talking about XHTML. There's a reason I used the wording " seems", and that is because I don't keep myself up to speed on the latest developments :)