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Year 7 Day 38 16:20
How much credits does it cost to build a facility?

For example it cost me 50k to build a personal residence, I had all the raw materials needed.... how can I find out how much it'll cost.... how can I bring the price down?


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Year 7 Day 38 16:52

Very near the bottom of the page.

How to bring it down? Lower crime and/or raise morale. Which requires you to construct stuff, of course.


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Year 7 Day 38 17:02
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Year 7 Day 40 2:55
warning: shameless promotion of my faction's website!

I've added a calculator a while ago, basically to give people an idea on how much it'll cost them to have my faction build a facility for them, but it can be used to get a rough estimate on the construction cost for everyone: