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Year 7 Day 38 20:30
Toran Ledar
Toran Ledar
I sort of became inactive in the combine a little while ago. I was going to register a new account (assuming my had been deemed inactive and deleted like is custom with a lot of games), but my old character was still around so I logged in - I find myself on board a Y-Wing, not able to pilot it... unless I've forgotten how to pilot a ship, which is quite possible, and I'm not able to exit the Y-Wing for whatever reason... I have no idea what to do or how to get out so I can get back involved with the Combine.

Year 7 Day 38 21:22
You're probably stuck on a ship in orbit that's been assigned to someone else (or nobody). There will probably be an admin type coming along shortly to tell you who owns it. Of course, if it has an obvious prefix before the ship name, you might be able to find out which faction owns it, if it's a faction ship.


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Year 7 Day 38 22:06
dealt with on IRC.


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