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Year 12 Day 280 9:34
This one's a question for the art team. Now, I know in the rules for custom NPCs it says that the images have to have an all-black background, but the image I've got would be darn near impossible for someone of my photoshop ineptitude to place on a black background. Here's the image:


Would this photo be accepted regardless of the cloudy background?

Edited By: Dacen Tibanna on Year 12 Day 280 9:35

Year 12 Day 280 12:13
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
The image has been moved or deleted, but that doesn't make a difference for the answer. If it's impossible for you, ask someone that does have the perseverance to do it.

Year 12 Day 280 14:05
Ryan Roche
Ryan Roche
Ten is right. =p

And next time if you have any concerns, questions or special requests you can DM the Art Team Director Jevon Lambright or myself.



Ryan's Arts Workshop
Year 12 Day 280 18:02
Ah well, rules is rules, right? I'm lazy, I'll find someone to do it for me. :P

As for the image, I relocated it a few minutes before driving home cross-country and I didn't have time to update with the new link.