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Year 12 Day 285 19:03
I created a squad and select patrol, set the way points, then SWC tells me they can not do it because they are already traveling.

So I cancel orders and try again and get the same error message "One of your commands could not be completed fully: Already travelling."

So how do I get a squad to patrol?

Year 12 Day 286 20:20
My guess is that you are either trying to have them patrol inside a ship or space station (which you can't do). or that you are trying to give orders while moving.

either of those the case?

Edited By: Raheem Quintana on Year 12 Day 286 20:20

Year 12 Day 287 5:16
Nope to all. We just exit ship into a city and create squad. No traveling and we are in a city.

Year 12 Day 287 6:01

Just put a vehicle in the city and it will be fine.

They see me rollin', they hatin'
Patrollin' and try to catch me ridin' dirty

Year 12 Day 287 6:06
I have no idea what the guest is talking about, however it sounds like your doing everything right to me. maybe you should report it as a bug.


Year 12 Day 287 12:04
I do the same, but works for me.

You can cancel the order, but you have to stay with the party, to assign another one.

Year 12 Day 287 17:28
Are they in your party rather than just hanging around? If so try kicking them out of your party, then select them and try patrolling.


Year 12 Day 287 17:57
First attempt, created the squad from the party. After I disbanded the squad, re-created the squad without adding to the party.

And this was done in two different cities, both owned by my faction.