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Year 7 Day 39 21:08

I dont think i have an ISP e-mail can someone give an example of an ISP or some kind of e-mail

Year 7 Day 39 21:35
Your ISP is the people you get Internet access from. The vast majority of them give you an e-mail address. Or if you're at school, most of them do too and are accepted by the Combine.


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Year 7 Day 40 3:23
I can do better than that. You use Verizon as your ISP, and therefore what you would want is a Verizon e-mail address. (: If you are not the one who pays for your service (and therefore do not have your login/password), talk to the person who did.

Remember that you only need this e-mail address to retrieve your password initially. Afterwards, you can enter a new e-mail address in your OOC profile, and it can be a free one.



Year 7 Day 49 14:19

I had an email question as well. It is that my ISP is MSN and my ISP email is johnlbs@msn.com, but when attempting to join it recognizes my account as a free email. Am I confused on this matter? It\'s not a hotmail account its my msn account. Any suggestions?

Year 7 Day 50 1:07
Please sign up again and include your handle (or e-mail to syn@swcombine.com) so I can approve you manually.