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Year 12 Day 287 20:07
Alright so I'm looking to buy my first ship something small that I can transport a small amount good in but decently fast. I have a Budget of 2.4 Mil Credits. Please leave me any suggestions you have I'm completely clueless.

Year 12 Day 287 20:58
Something like a YT-series will be your best bet, though probably more than 2.4mil.


Year 12 Day 287 21:00
Alright thanks for your reply! That looks like exactly what Im looking for.

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Year 12 Day 288 14:42
The Bilbos G-1A is a great starter ship and you could get two of them for that amount.

Year 12 Day 288 15:43
Il look into it still trying to make a choice. Keep the suggestions coming if you have them.

Year 12 Day 289 9:24
The Byblos is fast, but can only hold two people and almost no cargo, and the YT series are just out of his price range.

For 2.4 million or less, your best bet is the Delta JV-7 shuttle, hyper speed of 5, holds 16 passengers and 18 tons of storage.


Light speed is too slow! We're going to have to go right to...Ludicrous speed.

Amp Thane, Captain, BFF-1 class freighter EQUUS
Year 12 Day 289 10:27
Vrei Mortii
Vrei Mortii
A Barloz is a pretty good starting ship. It doesn't go so fast, holds a handful of people/storage and it has a docking bay. It's average price is around 1.9M but I usually see them go cheaper.


Or you could consider an YG-4210 with basically the same stuff as the Barloz but cheaper at around 1.5M.


Year 12 Day 289 13:22
There's always the option of spawning a CP ship. you can get a decent ship for a few mouths of clicking.


I'm thinking like a Simiyiar Light Freighter. and when you out grow it, they don't sell half bad either.


Year 12 Day 289 14:30
Wow thank you everyone for your reply's! This help has helped me make my decision,

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Year 12 Day 289 14:33
JM5000 is also a choice.
One tick slower in sublight or hyper. Basically equal cargo tonnage, 4x more cargo volume, 4x less passenger space. Better weapons.
--Arch, out.

Year 12 Day 289 17:41
Micke Lee
Micke Lee
what is the best low prise freighter

Year 12 Day 289 19:41
Vrei Mortii
Vrei Mortii
I'd say for someone just starting out, the YG-4210. It's cheap and has everything you need. If your looking for something a bit more fancy, go for any of the YT series.

If you have time to kill save up CP's and buy a good CP ship. Later on, when you've made money and gained exp, sell it for a nice amount of credits for something even nicer.

Year 12 Day 290 7:19
Dan Hakim
Dan Hakim
Another option (if you don't mind a slow ship) is the Zeta-class, has quite a decent capacity for the price. If you go for a Delta Shuttle you can get a couple of them and fly both together (set as NPC controlled).


Year 12 Day 290 10:19
Shuji Shizuka
Shuji Shizuka
I know this is a bit out of your average starters price range, but I recommend the Nu-class as a starting freighter. hyper 6 is pretty fast, and you can carry a decent amount, it's even better for npc transportation.


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