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Year 12 Day 295 10:35
Ka`rla Leakey
Ka`rla Leakey
- resurrection of the "kick passenger" button

- 'sim news'

Just wondering where it is? I have looked in the cockpit. travel Page, party page, action page and room events page and nothing.

Year 12 Day 295 11:02
From what ah understand, you only see it if your ship is full and you can't get back in yourself

Year 12 Day 295 11:31
Ka`rla Leakey
Ka`rla Leakey
Previously the kick passenger button was there to kick unwanted passengers off your ship so is that not the one which has returned?

Year 12 Day 295 12:00
From my imperfect memory;

Previously you could kick passengers from your ship, regardless of how many were on board. Then the feature was removed because it made no sense that you could just click a button to remove them without a "fight", especially since there was a second option that involved that (sort of); A/E.

It is the responsibility of the owner of an entity to make sure they trust whoever they give access to, as a prankster can easily deprive you of the ability to fly your YT-1300 by simply filling it up with NPCs so you cannot get in. Of course it is possible that the owner can do that in a moment of weakness too. There is a difference between not being able to use your ship and not getting all the passengers off, so the button was re-introduced to, idk, ease off on the cries for help to the admins?