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Year 12 Day 295 20:30
What is the difference between the muti and the # sign on the database

Year 12 Day 295 20:42
Multi is the number that the average value is above the rules value, multiplied. ie a Multi of 10 means that average CPM value is 10x the rules value. Gives you an idea of how overpriced some things are incomparison to the rules values.

# is the number sold, but might just be listings that had that in it, or the total sold including multiples in the same listing. Or something like that.


Year 12 Day 295 22:47
Okay thanks

Year 12 Day 296 8:20
For the future, CPM questions should always be directed at my inbox (I answer all of them and after all, it's not official part of SWC and I'm the only one coding it).

Year 12 Day 326 6:44
I've sent several DM's to Togan Jano about signing up for the marketplace but have gotten no response. Any suggestions?

Year 12 Day 326 10:24
Eshini`el Sandhawk
Eshini`el Sandhawk
Yes. Give him more time.

Year 12 Day 326 15:41
Thank you.

Year 12 Day 327 8:13
Or check your spam folder. I have added your account after the first DM already, if you haven't received your password yet, it's due to your email account flagging it as spam or deleting it.