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Archives » Leaving the starport on Tatooine
Zorn Tarax
Zorn Tarax
So I'm very new to the game. And it's probably a simple solution, but I'm trying to exit the starport into the city. So I go to the enter/exit option, and it takes me to the screen where it says "exit into city" So I click it.... Nothing happens. I click it again... still, nothing happens. At first I thought I was doing something wrong, but I've tried every which way to get out, but it won't let me. Anyone's insight on this would be great.

Hmm, that is the correct option. Seems like something there is bugged. If there are other facilities that you can enter from there, try that first, then try exiting into the city. Its possible that there is a facility at the top left corner where you would usuall exit to and the code to change your exit location is broken. CHanging to another facility will help. If not, keep moving around until you find a facility that will.

If that doesn't work, make a support ticket (link in the bottom right, Contact Support) to get an ASim to help you leave.


Zorn Tarax
Zorn Tarax
Thanks. It won't let me go to any of the other facilities either....

I'll just go to the nearest planet and see if it changes there, thank you very much for the help.

I had a similar problem at the same SP, when i logged in a couple of days later it fixed itself.