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Archives » i cannot create a user for THE LOVE OF GOD!!

ok ive been trying for ages now and the great and almighty admins keep putting me down... lately ive been told that :
'Your joining application was rejected due to a number of factors making your application suspicious. Various elements pointed towards this account being wittingly or unwittingly used to violate our muti-account rules.'

ok im definetly not doing this multi user thing (because i cant even get ONE!!) but i have a theory - is it maybe because ive tried signing up previously and my IP address is somehow magically still on some kind of 'dont allow to create user because they smell' list??

thanks for reading my long and complicated problems... and im sorry if i put this post in the wrong place or something - i have a track record of doing that :)

If you managed to accidentally submit more than one request at once, you might have gotten that reply. If you list the handle you were trying to sign up with here, they can watch for your next request.


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last time i tried signing up it was under the name of Zero Fry ...

thanks for your help :)

No match for Zero Fry. Did you apply with any other handles I can look up? E-mail addresses work, too.

There are a number of matches for your IP address, which may be causing a problem. Often this is caused by larger ISPs assigning the same IP address to multiple users, but the join request staff should be able to recognize and approve accounts such like that.




hmm... actually i cant remember any other handles i tried (yup..memory span of a goldfish) but i THINK i tried Zero Threepwood perhaps?

ive used zerofri13@aol.com every time ive tried to sign up if thats of any help.

:) thanks again

No matches for the handle or the e-mail address. Please apply again and post the handle you attempted in this thread so we can look into it. I suspect that it is just because you are on AOL, and AOL users often display with the same IP address as others due to the way AOL assigns IPs.