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Archives » When is Combat System Going To Be Ready
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Seems more likley that combat is never coming since a player who has been working on his character for 7 years or whatever would probably quit the day he gets killed. So the most powerful players are scared to fight since a lvl 1 could kill them when they slEep or iforget how long hsspeed takes and get blown up before u get back. Don't worry if uy like to follow acommand based faction and play the part of loyal solder than play but if u want star wars style dungeons and dragons wait another 10 years maybe someone will by the rights to the game and remake it or some designer will flip the switch finnally and put his character at risk but ur better of waiting for jesus to come back and twll you your his real dad. Thanks


The Wraiths
Veterans run the risk of losing their characters at the moment, it's called A&E

And has been pointed out many times, this is Star Wars, not Star City

Combat combined with perma-death could be end of SWC in my opinion. I wonder how many veterans and long-time players will be willing to keep playing after their characters and assets might be easily destroyed. I know I'd lose interest after I might work for years to build up something and then it would just be destroyed.

Sure, have some kind of system where people can take up their griefs with each another, but if newbs starts to fly around and attacking randomly I know I wont be interesting in playing most likely. And I saw too many noob posts asking why they can't blow up stuff to know it will happen if it will be allowed.

It might be Star Wars, but doesn't mean every person in the galaxy has to be involved in a war. In the movies it was hardly every citizen in the galaxy fighting. It was mainly the two big stupid governments unable to settle their differences.


Lilith - Star Wars Story

Derrik Thynite
Derrik Thynite
Then again, how many noobs have a ship strong enough to blow up any worthwhile ship?


Unless you can set ships to auto-return fire, even a Chir`Daki could take down an ISD giving enough time (or just go around take pot-shots at any unattended ship, if they no response they can just sit there shooting, even if it is empty of personell someone has still just lost a ship and anything else they had onboard)

How many players have left because of no combat over the last couple years?


Too many. Just don't think about Combat. Go farm XP by killing creatures for a couple years. :D

If I knew how to do that..I would still haven't bothered learning anything outside facility building..

Not much to learn: pick up and equip a weapon, and go out side and wander around, would have a better chance of finding a critter in the 'wild' but you can find them in the cities as well, if you are going to do it on foot it will take you a long while (unless you are able to see a large area), once you find a critter,start attacking (just remember to take note of which direction they flee to as you can't move (or really do anything) for the next 30 minutes and if they do flee you will have to start the hunt again

Shuji Shizuka
Shuji Shizuka
In layman's terms:

1.Find creatures
2.Shoot creatures


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but swcombine now is too secure... It's not scary to spend credits in entities as you know you would be able to sell these for the same price later ( so you don't lose money). When combat on, muc people would lose money than ever.

Also, when player vs player combat will be set ( entities vs entities set), then it'll bring some important changes in the game: Sectors more protected from enemies of Government-faction, people would be more aware of their stuffs lying in spaces so they would probably want a docking or hangar bay, at last military,pirates and security factions would be working and offering their services, etc...

it could be possible and interesting once combat to hire combat NPCs that would guard your stuffs ( If enemy X attacks your entity, hired combat NPCs would respond in attacking enemy X ).

So, just thing combat would be improving highly the experience...

(edit): sorry guys, I forgot this was not a discussion forum :X

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I agree with the above by Raak. Also in most games you run the risk of losing and yet people still play many games like that. They need to just make combat already.


Hunters have this pattern of becoming hunted.
Most games (again, 'most' does not equal 'all') do not have perma-deaths like you have in SWC

Oh, they need to just make it? Well, thanks for pointing that out.

If it's so easy, you go do it.

Otherwise, shut up.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.

Asar Anchti
Asar Anchti
Who says that the PvP combat must end with permanent death of one of the combatants? Why don't end battle, when one of the sides reaches 1 HP? Then either he heals himself on the spot where he dies after few hours, or respawn in the guild's HQ? Or even create a planet/city just for respawn, something as a safe zone, where one can't be attacked. Of course, all equipments, which the defeated player had with him would be available for looting (damaged) and NPCs die, or in case of space battles the ship would be destroyed. That's just my idea.


I don't think it should be a problem that players talk about combat and their wish it was done as shown above. I don't think it should also require them to be told to 'shut up'. Let people wish/dream about it and talk about it; I don't think it should be met with ignorance; rather in my opinion it should be met with pride of how good the game currently is, and how much more awesome (if possible) it can be!!!

Players of any game will always be waiting for the next add-on to the game and talk/complain about it - I.e. WoW expansions, Age of Empires Online, etc. Even when it comes out people complain. This is a representation of the excitement of the game, rather than discontent or negativity; of positive feedback rather than a suppressed community. Communication is the key to success; in everything, including a healthy community. Every community I've been part of that hasn't had that communication has, well, died.

I for one think combat after the years I've been here will popup its face sooner than later. I don't mind making another character if I die in combat, but I do believe perma-death should be harder then entering combat and dying (say through a cooling off period, as shown by Asar above). In canon, Anakin Skywalker lost his lightsaber duel with Obi-Wan Kenobe, and was seared in lava before Palpatine came. After much surgery and medical stuff he survived as Darth Vadar :P Starkiller (though not entirely canon) in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed got sucked out of a spacestation into the vacuum of space and, after being rescued and dealt with my surgical droids, survived. So it is plausible that combat doesn't mean death in a Star Wars universe. The ability to stay alive through medical assistance would make medical factions have alot to do, and actually useful :)

Seeming how clever the equations are in the game, I'm sure they will make the result great. What everyone says is communication in my opinion, I have faith that what is said is known and dealt with by the developer's one way or another when they're coding/planning combat.

Anyways have faith OP, the combine staff will eventually make you mucho happy with the outcome :D Just enjoy the good times as they are until combat/other great things like R&D come out. Until then, enjoy building and stuff!

Edited By: Vlape Helprin on Year 13 Day 29 4:09

"They need to just make combat already" is a highly ignorant statement and an insult to those persons working hard to advance and improve the game. "Shut up" is the least response it deserves, and was directed solely at the rather rude individual responsible for the other quote, not anyone else who may be discussing combat in this thread.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.
Why not duplicate the combine and have people try a combat system for awhile but keep it seprate just in case the universe goes to hell. I can see how after a 6 day hyper travel you could sign in and be dead but it takes so long to travel why not just respawn on your home planet. Then lose your ship and some cash and be dead for 24 hrs. Newbees can't kill your capital ships what newbee is going to figure out how to get credits and ships that fast without joining a faction and gaining some structure. I know it took me a week to get to there base then another week to travel around and do training and a month just to install locks. I would like to kill or be killed by know. Please make a beta combine for combat testing.


The Wraiths
Jacen Bae`le
Jacen Bae`le
Because, the Dead for 24 hours bit. What if we did the same for A&E?

A&E is Supposed to be keeping the peace, and psuedo combat. also used to remove people from power sometimes.

and sunning? yeah, some people want to die, and go out with a bang, not turn into an NPC.

either way. A&E say, Joe Bloggs, Leader of Imashipwright inc. is a target for assassination by his 2ic. This is a Legal IC action. He A&e's him. Executed, he comes back 24 hours later. What did it do? nothing.

Combat, is supposed to be perma death. death in RL is perma. Death is meant to be perma in this game as well.

with current P Vs C Rule, or at least ground combat preliminary rules, If you're squad dies, and you get shot and die, you're dead. if you get shot, your squad is still alive, you get dragged off and they retreat. one thing, you're dead, the other, you're not at the time.

now, In RL, above is true. if your one man fighting, you're likely gonna die.

If you get hit, you probably going to be dragged out of there, and healed by someone on your squad.

now, ship wise, with combat. If your in a fighter, you're probably going to be in a life support suit. you can maybe eject, and survive 48 hours in space. now, Assuming you had a support ship nearby, thats easy, you avoided death. Freighters and Cap ships have epods, again, a way to avoid death. you can last longer in an epod, as long as it doesn't get hit. this is why some examples in Canon, they have Fighters as escape pods. Luke used an Xwing at one point, and people use others as well. either way, this avoids death. again, if you're flying alone, you're more likely to die, then in a convoy. If you have friends, nearby, they can get you out of epod quicker, and there ya go, death avoided. Now ship combat, you can't get dragged off by NPC's, you'll need a PC, unless we could add a function to the freighter pilot, that can use a sprinter to go and fly to a destination in system to get someone. not suggesting anything, mearly pondering :D


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