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Archives » Best city to go for some fun?
Year 12 Day 300 8:20
Hi guys - in a couple days I land near the center of the universe - I wonder if there is a city that can be recommended with a lot if players running around, and a lot of interaction?


Year 12 Day 300 11:51
Most people aren't in cities, they stay isolated on their ships and interact in-person largely only with their faction members.

Year 12 Day 300 13:55
It also depends on which system/planet you are landing on: one is controlled by GE, and the other (which has the planet closest to the center) is controlled by SDA

Year 12 Day 301 17:42
As above. Some planets you won't even be able to enter because they have shields and you need permission to enter.

Most cities also are just for production or financial purposes (i.e. for the faction to make money), whilst most of their members go and do stuff like building, security, etc. You will rarely find anyone in a city but NPC's, creatures and vehicles.

However this doesn't stop you Role-Playing that you landed in X city and have a great time with other Role-Players :D


Year 12 Day 303 6:16
Huh. Good to know! Thanks!

Year 12 Day 303 12:32
So where is all this interaction taking place?

Year 12 Day 303 13:53
Usually in the Role Play forums (or the forums in general)

Year 12 Day 303 15:12
IRC is also a good way to interact with some parts of the community.

Although whether those parts of the community are worth interacting with is up for debate. Ensure you approach #swc-members with a thick skin and a grain of salt.


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Year 12 Day 305 0:23
What Hal said is very important. IRC channel #swc-members is unfortunately littered with trolls. Mind you, there are alot of friendly rooms and people who want to talk :)

Come to #swc-ic, there'll be alot of people there willing to help about how to Roleplay, and teach you, like myself :). Faction IRC channel's that you are in are very good and are also fantastic to get to know your fellow comrades, as well as learn more in a friendly environment.
I have a cafe called #happycaf you can also come into and I'm there when I'm on the IRC which is quite often :)

Other than IRC, forums are very good to be around. Try your hand at a competition in the Gambling Hut, or come to some RP! Either way there are alot of ways to do so! Feel free to DM me if you need anything at all, and I'm certain that probably goes for most of us who have replied.