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Archives » You'd think I would know this by now....
You would think I would, but the rules state nothing about it, and I haven't had the opportunity to discern for myself. I could test it at some point. Or I could save myself some CPs and just ask it here: Do items retain their custom images when they go to the Market?


They should. Last I knew the system does not delete custom images. Only people delete them.


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But I do believe repacking items deletes the custom image, even if the item is just a custom image...

They do, I bought a custom item from Market while back and it still had its custom image.

Though as Tar pointed out, they lose custom image when repacked into crates, even custom items get all broken.

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Thanks! I wasn't sure becuse I'd never bought anything with a custom off of the market before, and I saw a ship recently that was on its way to the market that had a particularly snazzy custom.

Yeah I knew about the crates thing; doesn't take a compsci genius to figure out that the original programming for the crates was not designed with repackaging in mind. Now that we can repackage, a complete overhaul of that particular system is in order I think, taking advantage of OOP and subtype polymorphism.

However, it occurs to me that I do not know if PHP facilitates OOP or pseudo-OOP; in any case, I'm sure something of the above sort is already on the drawing board, and of course this is the wrong forum for such suggestions anyway.

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