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Year 12 Day 308 19:38
Is this feature ever coming back (or maybe is it still in use and I just don't know how)?

I asked the IRC channel and they told me to fill out a bug report. It didn't seem like it would be a bug if it is a feature that is no long in use so that seemed like the incorrect route.

If they are usable, how? I have them set as active but can't get them to eject...


Year 12 Day 308 19:41
It's a bug that they cannot be ejected, hence the direction to file a bug report.

Check to see if one exists for the issue first.


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Year 12 Day 308 20:13
Okay, I just thought it was a disabled feature.

Thank you and I'll check before and hope I don't miss it. First bug report in 7 years...

Year 12 Day 308 20:48
Even if it was disabled, it might be likely they had forgotten about it and would be willing to put it back in.


Year 12 Day 308 20:57
Sweet. I just filled out my first bug report.

Thanks all for directing me to the right place. It's just kind of frustrating because I have spent months chasing after this T1 for a business idea and the pods not being able to eject is frustrating, to say the least.

I'm just trying to get this taken care of so I can go do some faction work and have more fun.

Hopefully it gets resolved.

Thanks again.