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Year 12 Day 309 2:59
Vinco`ut Vesica
Vinco`ut Vesica
I recently jumped onto a friends y-tie lets just call him joe, he has been inactive for awhile so i was going to arrest him and take him with me for when he comes back to the game. But everytime i try to leave the ship or arrest him i get this message

Warning: disjoint squad at your location caused by: Joe attached to: Joe
An error occured: Invalid squad location: 35:0

What should i do to fix the problem? Should i submit a bug report

Year 12 Day 309 4:40
Sounds like you got snared by a Tar Baby :P (no idea what happened actually, but wonder how many would get the reference)

Year 12 Day 309 8:37
Tiali, again with the useless comments?

Make a bug report about it, and possibly a support ticket if you want a more rapid end to the issue, but might be best to leave it a few days on the bug base and see if its a recurring issue or a one off.


Year 12 Day 309 11:23
Ellias, again with the unconstructive criticism? And Tiali, since this is a forum for problem solving, let's do try to stay with responses that are relevant to solving the original question. Thank you.

Affirmed that you should bugbase it.


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