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Year 7 Day 43 10:45
Tenebras Chrono
Tenebras Chrono
I could use some help/info on something. My character died a while back, and...

I'm standing in a room entitled "The," And apparently "The" is travelling. The room has two stairways, one going up, one going down. My character can't walk, pick up items, or scan the area. I can't send darkness messages (which sucks.) The counter won't tell me how long it will be before I can respawn, it just says "Testing Redesign." I have nothing to do except hum the "Mr. Hankey Song," and it's getting really old.

I don't care about anything else, but could I at least darkness message my friends? I know my char is dead, and that dead people can't send messages, but couldn't I use it in an OOC function?

(But a logical explanation would be nice...)

Year 7 Day 43 20:31
Fixed location. The lack of timer relates to the redesign, let Clarr know about that in this topic please:


Kids these days!
Year 7 Day 45 0:01
Tenebras Chrono
Tenebras Chrono
Ok, the timer works, but is there a way to communicate with the living?

... Other than the blue glowing FS ghost thing?

Year 7 Day 45 3:16
E-mail, IRC, forums.

ICly, no, considering you don't currently exist IC.