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Year 12 Day 313 10:43
Will there be RM's assigned to planets in the new systems?


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Year 12 Day 313 11:41
There are deposits of raw materials on every planet, on any kind of terrains (Note: you will only find Tibanna Gas on Gas Giants and Deposits and only 1 deposit can be found on a square at any given time). These deposits can be found by prospecting the terrain tiles using special equipment to scan for resources. You must be on the surface or inside a city to prospect.

- The Rules

If you are talking about already existing deposits on planets that were moved deposits moved with them.

Year 12 Day 313 19:24
Indeed, existing deposits etc will remain. In a few cases this likely means that planets that used to be gas giants and now terrestrial have tibanna gas deposits.

New planets that were created should have the normal RM types and you just need to scan for them and see if there is one there.


Year 12 Day 313 21:45
Perhaps I should have questioned it better. I am in a new system, with a new planet. I scanned it and found nothing on the planet. It has grass,mountain, water and forest terrians. Still nothing.

Year 12 Day 313 23:01
Did you scan with max stats and max sensors?

Year 12 Day 314 9:30
I thought new planets were off limits for now.



Year 12 Day 314 10:52
You can't slab them. Nobody said you can't fly around and scan them.

Year 12 Day 314 17:27
Plus some groups got new planets in exchange for shrinking their existing planets by a fair margin, in order to match the canon planets in the system they are in.


Year 12 Day 315 8:02
Is there any incentive for going out there and looking for the new systems/planets other than the thrill of it?

Year 12 Day 315 8:32
They're not hidden, and please log in.


Year 12 Day 315 11:19
Sorry, the session had ended somehow just before I posted the previous time and it came out as Guest. I read another thread and thought that new systems will be found in the unexplored empty clusters by people that go there and then they will be visible.


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Year 12 Day 315 13:25
If and when new systems are added, that might be the case. There aren't currently any hidden systems to be found.

Year 12 Day 315 17:34

At the moment all systems/planets are freely visible on the map. When we work out a way to reasonably get new planets out there, a Sim News will be made informing the player base of the potential for these new planets to be out there.


Year 12 Day 315 21:55
And will any new planets at all be dropped into systems that are already populated? or will it only be in uncontrolled systems and empty space?


Year 12 Day 316 2:33
Unknown. Likely not in any systems already around, bar the new homeworlds which need more planets to fill out their canon alotment.