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Year 7 Day 43 12:23
Auron Shadowbane
Auron Shadowbane
How do ECM work on space stations (like asteroid hideout) as they are showed on the map by default, even if you have only 1 sensor?


Year 7 Day 44 6:31
AFAIK the ECM will atleast block scanning whats inside.

Hazarding a guess perhaps they could (or should) be able to show up as asteroids on the map but not space stations? unless you are close enough to have scanned it with a high enough scanning power.



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Year 7 Day 44 7:39
Tai`to Kale
Tai`to Kale
Sooo... asteroid hideouts aren't hidden? They are marked as asteroid hideouts...

"look an asteroid type station that isn't marked as ally, that must be the guys i am looking for, blast it!!"

They should show as regular asteroids at the very least...

Year 7 Day 44 15:44
Auron Shadowbane
Auron Shadowbane
well what about making it possible to build a city on them? since you need at least 8 sensors to break trough ecm7 you can see it as a normal asteroid ^^.


Year 7 Day 44 16:08


Year 7 Day 45 0:45
Auron Shadowbane
Auron Shadowbane
nice page tyr but I actually read it before I asked. It has only 4 sentence within, that has "ECM" in it.

1) Note that overlapping scanning zones improve the scanner efficiency and reduce the chance of ECMs to protect any target.

2) All entities that are in range (i.e. on a square of your scanner grid where power > 0) and with stealth (for char) or ECM (for others) is strictly lower than the total sensor power on their square.

3) You can initiate a focus scan on any entity (except characters) in range of your sensors. This scan will provide you more detailed information about that entity like weaponry, sensors, ECM and so on.

4) If your sensors are higher that the target's ECM, then you will also know the number of passengers, ships and vehicles onboard the target.

the only one which has something to do with my question is 2) but it doesn't say enough. what is [strictly lower]?

after all I asked, if space stations with ECMs are displayed on the map without having them in sensor range. if you are on system grid 1,1 have 1 sensor and there is a shipyard at 7,7 you still see it on your map. If that's the same with ECM SS it would be somewhat contraproductive, wouldnt it?


Year 7 Day 45 2:57
I know of at least one station with incredibly high ECM around Falleen. It's one of the old customs, so its ECM is higher than existing ones.

Couldn't even see it with a Guardian :'(


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