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Year 12 Day 315 22:23
Myrhrai Isalia Rosiir
Myrhrai Isalia Rosiir
If the faction owner dies, I am wondering what happens to the stocks.

6.1/ Death of a faction owner « Back To Top
If the faction has stocks they go to the market and the leader is informed immediately, if not then the leader becomes the owner.

6.2/ Death of faction leader « Back To Top
Leadership goes to whoever has Level 2 'Assign Faction Privileges'. If no one has it then the member with the highest privileges becomes leader.

If you look at the market there is no place for stocks. Though I want to remember hearing somewhere that stocks would go to the faction.


Year 12 Day 315 22:36
If a person owning faction stock dies, those stocks go to the owner of the faction. At least in the case of the person not owning more than 51% of the stock. I am unsure if it happens with 51+% of stock (but I imagine it does) or what happens if the dead owner is also the leader (in which case I'd guess it goes to the new leader, but again I am unsure).


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Year 12 Day 315 23:39
Think the real question would have to be "Does a faction dissolve if the owner dies and it doesn't have a leader/2IC?" because, if a faction dissolves, stock owners get a percentage of the current faction value at time of dissolution based on percentage value of their stock-holding (sorry, but Hal's answer seemed to be regarding if a simple stock owner dies, not the faction owner)

Year 12 Day 315 23:48
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
The faction owner is just a share holder as far as the game is concerned.

Year 12 Day 316 5:40
Alexander von Ismay
Alexander von Ismay
"Does a faction dissolve if the owner dies and it doesn't have a leader/2IC?"

Next highest prived person would be made leader, no?


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Year 12 Day 316 6:45