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Archives » Questions about creating NPCs
Year 12 Day 316 20:30
Gadnek Tenko
Gadnek Tenko
1. Can you change/choose an NPC's race?

2. Can you change/choose an NPC's name?

Year 12 Day 316 21:00
Mark Smith
Mark Smith
You can choose their race but after you click to make them you cannot change their race

No names are generated at random last time i checked

Year 12 Day 316 21:06
Gadnek Tenko
Gadnek Tenko
Thank you!

Year 12 Day 316 21:35
You can pick the name of Custom NPCs ah believe, but only at creation

Year 12 Day 316 23:09
Depends on which NPC you want to get. THe majority of NPCs will have a random race. This is usually evenly balanced between all available races, but on homeworlds the ratio is skewed to something like 80-90% from the races that come from that homeworld (ie Rodia will have 80-90% Rodians, while a planet like Tatooine will have that 80-90% split evenly amongst the 3 available races that call it their homeworld), with the remainder being randomly chosen from the rest of the races.

Names are also randomly chosen.

Custom NPCs, you can choose the name and the race.