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Year 12 Day 318 15:56

Just recently I built A city on Huk. I sent 1,500,000 credits to the Huk City Planning Council. I was Unaware that no cities could be built on planets Not controlled by anyone. I thought that with the galaxy change over there would be New opportunities, Obviously not, because my city was destroyed. I recieved a fine of 598,444 credits from the faction Darkness and I lost a personal vechicle with 4 NPC's that Cannot be recovered. If I knew all of this would happen I wouldn't have wasted my time and energy. I thought the galaxy change was for the better, it has been nothing but a big headache for me. I am asking that my credits of 1,500,000
would be refunded because there is no Huk City Planning Council.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Han Kannis

Year 12 Day 318 16:11
It was posted on the Sim News not to touch those planets. If you don't read the Sim News, the Administration is not at fault for your illegal actions.

- Hal Breden, in your other thread

Reposting the same thing in a new thread isn't going to change that, nor gain you any appreciation amongst the staff.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.
Year 12 Day 318 17:35
It was mentioned many times that you cannot build on the uncontrolled planets while control was restored to the correct parties. If you were aware of the galaxy change, you would be aware of the penalties for ignoring the warnings given.


Year 12 Day 318 20:04
Not only did he spend 1.5 mil, he lost a vehicle and NPCs, and was fined on top of that?

This reminds me of the episode of The Mentalist where Jane refused to pay the extortionist speeding fine: if it was not allowed to build on the planets, then the ability to submit a build plan should have been turned off (those trying would get the message about not having permission or simply their request was declined)

Year 12 Day 318 20:58
Myrhrai Isalia Rosiir
Myrhrai Isalia Rosiir
Tiali that is rediculous. Why should the asims change things in the database when the people who play this game should be able to follow a simple request from the administration.

I am not even sure they can just "turn it off" without actually coding something.

Year 12 Day 318 21:07
To build something, you need to submit a build request, it could have been set up to decline instead of accept

And he's not complaining about the fine, just the build fee (that shouldn't have been processed in the first place) and the loss of a personal vehicle

Year 12 Day 318 21:44
Ric`zix Xichiz
Ric`zix Xichiz
It was stated quite clearly.

6. MOST IMPORTANTLY. If you see an unowned planet atm, as in there's no cities/no owner/anything, DO NOT CITY SLAB ON IT UNTIL A SIM NEWS SAYS OTHERWISE. Anyone failing to understand this will lose not only their city/whatever they placed, but will also be fined.

- Sim News

I'm fairly certain he didn't accidentally hyper to Huk,accidentally land on the surface and accidentally click through the options to get a city slab created.

Not only did he spend 1.5 mil, he lost a vehicle and NPCs, and was fined on top of that? 

I would be willing to bet that the vehicle and NPC's lost were part of the fine, and not sheer malice.

Year 12 Day 318 22:41
It still smells strongly of revenue-farming (except for the fact that anything that goes to Darkness doesn't actually get used)

This is mah personal opinion, bite me if you don't like me

Year 12 Day 318 23:02
It sounds more like the vehicle and NPCs were in the city, and deleted along with the container, as the Sim News warns.

And Tiali, you only need to submit a build request if there's a controlling faction. If there was a controlling faction, then it wouldn't be an unowned planet for him to go slabbing on!

He lost the 1.5m fee city (as the Sim News says), the vehicle and NPCs in it (as the Sim News says) and was fined (as the Sim News says). He wouldn't have lost anything if he'd read the Sim News.




"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.
Year 12 Day 321 13:20

Year 12 Day 320, 22:13: Message from Trance Zannagan

No matter how much you beg, you will not get your money back nor your assets. It was stated in a Sims News posting about not building on the new planets.

Year 12 Day 321 13:28
Where is it stated in the rules I can not build on an empty planet.
It doesn't. How I am to know from a simple news flash?

Year 12 Day 321 14:11
Players are supposed to read the Sim News. They are important information from the administration to the players. They are like a (sometimes temporary) rules update.

If you don't keep up with the rules, it's your own fault.

P.S.: It wasn't a "simple news flash", it was the very big post that introduced the Galaxy 2.0!

Year 12 Day 321 17:50
GNS =/= Sim News.


Year 12 Day 321 21:01
Where is it stated in the rules I can not build on an empty planet.
It doesn't.

- Han Kannis

This is where it is listed

How I am to know from a simple news flash?

- Han Kannis

The fact that it is a "news flash" is pretty self-explanatory.....the blue flashy icon is important stuff from the administration, the green flashy icon is from player generated stuff. Here is another link to a resource which will provide you with more information on the matter, we call it The Guide and it can be found at the top of every page.

Year 12 Day 321 21:33
Kendall Holm
Kendall Holm
Not to mention it wasnt really a flash it was more like a paragraph or two.


Year 12 Day 321 22:09
Well Huk,
I guess I am out of some credits. I will build in the future on Huk, seeing that everything is futile now. Maybe you should post it in the rules so no one else builds and gets scammed. I"m sure I won't be the first one.That would be the best thing to do when something so confusing ( galaxy change or new planets) comes up again. Thank you everyone for your inputs.

Year 12 Day 321 22:27
Doesn't need to be in the rules. The new planets that are currently uncontrolled will have a faction in control of them to prevent unwanted slabbing by players. As we add new planets they will be free to build on. It was just a precautionary measure when we synced, because obviously we cannot get the planets covered as soon as we sync, especially with lazy Jesfa at the helm. So it was made clear in the news post informing you of the new galaxy to not build on there. Was also warned not to in the previous post saying that the change would be coming in the next few days.


Year 12 Day 321 23:16
Besides, I think HUK in the chad sector will be owned by the New Republic, since the rest of that system is.


Year 12 Day 322 2:08
Not necessarily. If there are more planets to be added to that system, it will be free for whoever gets there first. Just not the homeworld.


Year 12 Day 322 5:12
Agreed Ellias: no faction should get automatic control of new planets just because they control every other planet/system in the system/sector

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