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Year 12 Day 323 14:41
Tiali..once again, you just proved you need a bigger screen for your comp. Where did I say NR would automaticly get it? They own the rest of the system which means they would be quicker to slab a planet(s) and gain control faster then anyone else.


Year 12 Day 323 17:27
Myrhrai Isalia Rosiir
Myrhrai Isalia Rosiir
Trance, you said
Besides, I think HUK in the chad sector will be owned by the New Republic 

Apparently what you said and what Tiali understood where different.


Year 12 Day 323 18:45
Ric`zix Xichiz
Ric`zix Xichiz
Considering Huk isn't in Chad (unless everything in Wild Space is headed to Chad), I think it's safe to assume that the NR has the same chance as anyone else.

Year 12 Day 324 2:39
Xanxus Drol
Xanxus Drol
I think the real point here is that people like Han need to read the sim news and not blow it off and then whine, and yes if what you say is TRUE it is irrelevent, bc if they help one person they have to help everyone, when the fact of the matter is you should know better bc the Sim news alerted everyone of this issue.

Ignorance of the law is never a viable excuse in breaking it, what the sim news says is the law as players we should follow OVER any listed or unlisted rules at any time. If they remind us in a sim news that hacking is a perma ban, and you hack anyway because you didnt see the Sim News it doesnt change the fact that you broke the rules.


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