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Year 12 Day 321 7:54
OK, so I have a ship bug where every time I move to a new room the travel screen disappears and I have to reload. Was just dealing with it until today, when a new bug seems to make it so that all rooms have the same items in them. Yes this should be in the bugbase, but the bugbase won't accept my password, and when I tried to retrieve my password to see if I am just using the wrong one, it wouldn't accept the info given. Its been a long while so I suppose its possible I used a different email, but I tried the 2 email addresses I have used over the past year. Now I'm stuck.


Year 12 Day 321 11:34
All items being accessable from all rooms is not a bug (having people wandering in and out of your cockpit during Hyper, is a big bug that needs to be squished)

Year 12 Day 321 11:42
Tiali, this is at least the fourth place you've posted the same thing about room events. You are not special. Everyone, including myself, has random room events. The bug base exists for a reason, please use it and stop spamming the forums.

Year 12 Day 321 13:24
It is a bug, cuz you shouldn't be able to access items in the docking bay or cockpit or hangar from the entrance.

Sorry Elijah, I honestly would rather put this in the bugbase, but I either need my old account deleted, or to be permitted to create an account not linked to my SWC name.


Year 12 Day 321 14:41
Sorry Tola, my comment was solely directed to Tiali and not yourself.

In regards to your post though, it certainly does sound like a bug. Olwin Froon might be a good individual to speak with on getting access again or he can direct you to the person you should speak with to get it fixed. Short of that I don't believe it's against any kind of rules to create another account on the bug base, but obviously try to recover yours first.

Year 12 Day 321 17:47
It has already been reported to the bug base, as was stated in the other thread about this. Anything different from the way it used to be is a bug - all the update was doing was clearing up database usage, not affecting the way rooms worked.

Tiali, may I ask what makes you think viewing all items from all rooms is not a bug?


Year 12 Day 321 19:26
OK, thanks Elijah and Ellias. I will contact Olwin shortly. Just surprised me cuz it wasn't like that yesterday, but no biggy. I'll work around it until they can get it sorted.


Year 12 Day 321 20:24
Coulda sworn ah read that accessing all items from any room in your ship was part of the new room-system, unless it was just someone saying they now could but needed to check in a ship with locked doors to confirm (pretty sure the ASim who replied didn't say anything about it being a bug)

Nope, ah misread what you said about it being reported as a bug (still coulda sworn ah read it as being part of the new feature though, oh well, have been wrong plenty of times in the past, why should this time be any different)

Edited By: Tiali Bixa-Loca on Year 12 Day 321 20:27
Year 12 Day 322 7:24
Just found out that I am having the same problem. ''All items being accessible from all rooms''.
Glad to hear that a bug report is in the works :)

Before the sync, What i did find annoying was that you have to unlock EVERY lock to teleport stuff thats just in the next room.

Cheers everyone.

Hi Tola, hope all is well :)


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Year 12 Day 323 14:57
THey made security control panels so that locking and unlocking could be instant.


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Year 12 Day 324 19:35
THey made security control panels so that locking and unlocking could be instant.

- Jevon Lambright

I read about them a long time ago, i had forgotten. Thnx Jevon

rrrrrr Now i gotta find 'Security Control Panels' lol

Year 12 Day 327 11:44
I see that this issue has been reported as stated by Ellias, and am just curious if anyone can give me an estimate on how long until its resolved. It says resolved in the bugbase, but is not in fact resolved.


Year 12 Day 327 11:54
I'll hazard a guess that if it says resolved and is not fixed in the game than it probably will be with the next sync. Check to see that the problem was tested/confirmed in the bug base and then fixed. Then wait for the next sync.

Year 12 Day 327 12:12
arrgh! I somehow knew you were gonna say that Elijah! lol! OK, well I'll just bite down and pray that sync comes soon :P


Year 12 Day 327 18:49
Or its possible that it was a duplicate (people like posting multiple reports for the same bug) that was closed, and the person that closed it used the resolved rather than closed option.