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Year 12 Day 321 15:22
Laz Uli
Laz Uli
I had another player contact me today and ask "What are you doing in 'specific city'?". I had the impression from the fora that you have to tell people where you are for them to find you. When I asked how they could tell where I was at they never responded.

The player is not in my faction.

I have nothing on me- owned or not owned.

I've mentioned my faction for roleplay purposes, but never this planet or city specifically, nor the ship I'm on. I'm not listed on her crew manifest either.

The only places I've been are my spawning planet, three faction owned ships, the planet I'm working on (also faction controlled) and another faction controlled entity (maybe a shipyard or supply depot?).

He's not on my ship, nor are there any items on it. I've not seen him or any other player, that I noted on the planet I'm on, my ship, or the other faction controlled entity I frequent.

It's really just an item of curiosity-- there are so many pages on SWC I've never seen I thought on of them might have that info . . . or something, but none of my faction mated have any idea. Oddness.

Can anyone tell me how they knew where I was?


Year 12 Day 321 15:43
Laz Uli
Laz Uli
And answer received. If someone else is having a similar issue checking the room events on your vessel will show where the info was 'leaked'.
Thanks for the help:)


Year 12 Day 321 18:20
Kendall Holm
Kendall Holm
This is a bug ... I see every last living person on a Bulk or a Bayo well I mean I dont actually see them but I have a list of names from the events