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Year 12 Day 324 22:17
Dan Hakim
Dan Hakim
Can we put in a request to have other people's stations moved?

We had an asteroid moved into our new system as part of the galaxy change, but we had someone else's station move with it. Is there anyway to kick the station out? It's preventing us from moving our own stuff.


Year 12 Day 324 22:36
My guess is that it was above your asteroid before the galaxy changes.

In which case, no. Not unless the owner moves them.


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Year 12 Day 324 22:48
Well, you can ask. I know we had a station removed from orbit of one of our planets because the owner has been inactive a long time. If you are in a similar case I would expect you could get it moved either out of orbit or out of the system completely. If the owner is active, they probably wouldn't unless they got permission.


Year 12 Day 324 22:56
Dan Hakim
Dan Hakim
We're worried that by the time the owners (a gov) get around to it, if they ever do, it'll be too late to move our own stations. We're not expecting admin to give us more time on this.


Year 12 Day 325 16:38
After the free movement period, I believe you get one final station move. Or, the admins might be able to move it for you, or something similar.


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Year 12 Day 326 19:04
Tal Dorn
Tal Dorn
Couple of more questions;
1 - I have received permission to move a station into a government controlled system. I don't have a problem with making over the station to have the government move it for me. ( I assume this is the correct procedure?) But...

2 -The station is currently producing ships. Will me making over the station to the government to move affect production? And is it OK to move stations now that are producing ships?

Year 12 Day 326 19:42
1. With the coding that's in place now the only way to move a station into a controlled system is to make it over.

2. The ship(s) will be moved with the station. I have tested this twice successfully. Make sure the manager of the station is the same as the ships being produced, I thought I saw something about a bug in that regard.

Year 12 Day 326 21:59
Tal Dorn
Tal Dorn
thank you Elijah. I greatly appreciate the help.

Year 12 Day 326 22:26
You are very welcome.