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Archives » [NPC Squad] XP and Patrolling
Year 12 Day 326 4:53
Hjrool Ohr
Hjrool Ohr

I couldn't find neither in Squad rule page or Ground combat one any bit concerning any eventual XP gain for a patrolling squad.

Is it the case? If not does a suggestion would be allowed?

I think this would grant those deciding in investing in Ground skills a bonus as for those benefit for Trading for example, as well as giving more interest and depth to ground training (boot camp driven by player).

Hjrool Ohr.

Year 12 Day 326 5:13
Derrik Thynite
Derrik Thynite
If you mean NPCs gaining XP, it already happens. If you mean players gaining XP, i doubt it will happen.


Year 12 Day 326 5:24
NPCs get XP for walking around as normal, even if in squads without our supervision. I've had my squad go from lvl 1 to lvl 6 recently.


Year 12 Day 326 15:21
Hjrool Ohr
Hjrool Ohr
Thank you for the answer, maybe this would need some details in rules.

Hjrool Ohr

Year 12 Day 326 17:47
All my NPCs leveled past me!

Year 12 Day 336 10:00
Qais Raxakan
Qais Raxakan
I have been put in charge of training the 'new meat' arriving in our Faction.
Over 100 of that 'fresh meat' are NPC's and I find myself going crazy trying to figure out how I (having heard I have a direct hand in where there level up points are used) get into their stats to designate where the level up points are used.
I've searched the Holocron and I've asked my 'higher ups', however, no one has given a straight answer. I have over 50 lvl1 NPC's ready to take step to Lvl2... Please assist.


- Rax
'Your first and last nightmare...'
Year 12 Day 336 10:19
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Go to the inventory, select the "View NPC Skills" option at the right hand side of the NPC's entry, then select "(Assign)" like you would to assign your own skill points.

If you can't find the option then it's possible your faction hasn't given you sufficient privileges, I suppose.