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Year 12 Day 327 7:46
Shaelik Vaniis
Shaelik Vaniis
Help! I can't choose my start location:

Sector: Calamari
System: Calamari (430, 245)
Planet: Mon Calamari (10, 8)
City: Coral City (3, 8)
Ground: (6, 6)

becase I get

Starting postion set, welcome to the galaxy.
Warning: disjoint squad at your location caused by: Kord Drago attached to: Kord Drago
An error occured: Invalid squad location: 35:0

Who is Kord Drago, and why is he stopping me?

Year 12 Day 327 7:57
Kord Drago is the Dark Lord of the Sith!!1!1!

I'm just joking mate. ;) Your best bet is to make an account on the bug base and report it there with an high/urgency level. Or you can try #swc-help on IRC and see if an ASim can help you out.

Year 12 Day 327 8:09
Derrik Thynite
Derrik Thynite
But Kord Drago is the Dark Lord of the Sith? O_o

Anyways, this bug seems to be coming up quite a lot lately.


Year 12 Day 329 10:16
Looks like Kord is a Quarren, like yourself. Also new to the galaxy, which may explain the bug. Maybe the two of you got spawned too close together, too soon.

But if I were you, I'd be more worried about the Disjoint Squad. Ever been disjointed? Painful, verrrrry painful.

And getting re-jointed? Puh-lease!


"When all is said and done, there's nothing left to say or do."

-- Darryl Dawkins
Year 12 Day 329 14:11
What happened was that someone used the new drop character button while a squad existed. It creates a bug that tends to prevent actions in the immediate vicinity.


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