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Archives » I died, but i don't know why...
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Year 12 Day 329 3:48
Amrod Anarion
Amrod Anarion
Hi, today I died and I reached this message

The YT-1210 Anarium Wings III piloted by Amrod Anarion has been damaged by the gravitational pull of Blackhole Cluster Dorn.

I was going in sublight on galactic center... If I watch the map I didn't see the black hole...

What happens? It's normal? O.O

Year 12 Day 329 4:10
Black holes do not show up on the map. So yes, you flew into the black hole cluster in the center of the galaxy and died. It is not a bug.



Year 12 Day 329 4:21
Amrod Anarion
Amrod Anarion
Ok, thanks for the quick answer

I think it's time to leave the game.. After 6 years playing I don't have strength enough to start again...

Thanks for all. This is the best game I played ever... :)

Year 12 Day 329 5:13
Yeah, blackholes are very dangerous, especially the galactic core where there are lots of the things. Its supposed to be dangerous there.


Year 12 Day 329 5:41
I thought you're supposed to be able to see the black holes, but that the course plotter would not automatically avoid them like suns.

When plotting your sublight course, your ship computer will automatically avoid suns. However it is up to the pilot to double-check that the course also avoids Black Holes as there are no automatic checks.

- 2.2/ Sun & Black Holes Damage

Can we confirm that it's just a case of Amrod not seeing it or if black holes are completely invisible when plotting a course on the sublight map? Because if it's the latter then the rules need to be updated and Amrod's character should be restored. The rules make sense right now, placing completely hidden death traps around the universe does not.

Year 12 Day 329 6:00
Black holes are inivislbe (they are called black holes for a fact). Their locations aren't noted on the rules page either.

Year 12 Day 329 6:06
So how can a pilot double-check that the course also avoids Black Holes as there are no automatic checks?

Year 12 Day 329 6:11
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Sending someone else to test the waters. :)

Year 12 Day 329 6:26
in reality black holes are not invisible, they don't show light but we definitely know where to stay away from. in my humble opinion they should be visible on the map.


Year 12 Day 329 6:29
You're right Ten, I just remembered every Star Wars book I ever read everyone traveled in pairs so one could search ahead for black holes.

...blackholes (indeed any travel coding) has not been changed. SO yes, you will have to manually plot around blackholes as the rules clearly state.

- Ellias Aubec, Y12 D304

I reiterate my question. How can this be done if you can't see it? Previously my understanding was that my ship would not plot around a black hole, only a sun, and that it would be up to me to identify and move around a black hole. The difference being that my ship may not detect the black hole but I would notice a void where there is no light. I knew black holes wouldn't appear on a galaxy/rules page map, but in sublight I believed it would be different. This is all based on, you know, the rules and what they've said for a while now...

It may have been this way for a while, but the rules say otherwise and most definitely imply that a pilot can detect and avoid a black hole. This situation has brought new information, for me, to the table which is why I'm pursuing this.

Right now it appears to me that there are "death traps" hidden around the universe that are, from an IC perspective, almost completely unavoidable. I know there are black holes in the galactic center now, but unless I was with Amrod I wouldn't know that. And who flies around in pairs anyways? Is it reasonable that ICily we could gather the location of all the black holes, especially when the discovery of each one costs a player his/her life? Let's keep it real here.

Year 12 Day 329 6:32
Actually, Black Holes are not at all invisible.

There are multiple ways for detecting them, from the intense energy given off by the accretion disk (as matter is increased to near-light speeds), to energy spun off perpendicular to the disk's revolution, creating great gouts of energy, mostly x-rays. It's theorized that the massive energy outputs of such objects as quasars are the result of black hole engines driving their polar-directed energy sources, often called relatvistic jets. Such jets are often emitted from the center of galaxies, where super-massive black holes are believed to exist. Take a look at galaxy M87 for such an effect, noticeable from millions of light years away.

There's also a very noticeable lensing effect (called the Einstein Ring) that surrounds black holes, which would be warning enough, I would think.

Not to mention, there is the energy speculated by the great Stephen Hawking (great for a human, that is), and since dubbed Hawking Radiation (also known as black hole evaporation). This is unproven ATM, but generally accepted by quantum physicists.

Besides the above, since black holes are so powerful and so dangerous, you'd think they'd be plotted around the galaxy, and as a default, no nav computer would be allowed to go anywhere near their gravitational field.

Yeah, yeah, I know. I spent too much time on the Dorian holonet. ("^D)


"When all is said and done, there's nothing left to say or do."

-- Darryl Dawkins
Year 12 Day 329 6:34
Amrod Anarion
Amrod Anarion
I don't know if this is a rules mistake or my mistake and I don't know if I have to be restored, but I think It should be some way to detect the black holes. Six years of game dropped for a little mistake that I was not be able to avoid.

It is a recommendation to prevent future silly deaths...

(Sorry for my english...;P)

Year 12 Day 329 6:36
Grav wells are projected from them tyhe same diameter as suns. You can predict where a blackhole is based on the center of a grav well, if there isn't a planet there. Thats why I made the Galactic Center so hazardous since there are so many blackholes almost thei entire system is covered in grav wells.

EDIT: There are a few systems that ocntain just blackholes, and dying is one risk you take when visting them. A lot of the other systems have less blackholes and easier to predict where they are. But blackholes have always been hidden from view.

Edited By: Ellias Aubec on Year 12 Day 329 6:37

Year 12 Day 329 6:37
Ahh, now that makes perfect sense Ellias. :D

Year 12 Day 329 6:38
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
"You're right Ten, I just remembered every Star Wars book I ever read everyone traveled in pairs so one could search ahead for black holes."

My bad, I forgot that star wars books were based on SWC's code.

Year 12 Day 329 10:07

No, no. They traveled in pairs so that, when one got sucked into the gravity well, the other one could cluck their teeth and say, "Told ya that was a bad neighborhood."


"When all is said and done, there's nothing left to say or do."

-- Darryl Dawkins
Year 12 Day 329 10:21
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
The first gravity wells were charted by playing successive bouts of 'chicken'.

Year 12 Day 329 10:57
Pfft, i've been around for 8 years or so and i've gone through three characters before becoming an ASim. Letting mortality play a factor in your character's gameplay is a good thing! It's not 6 years down the drain, it's a chance at a fresh start!


Russ> This is an ok game with terrible people.
Year 12 Day 329 11:46
And now you're immortal...


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Year 12 Day 330 3:18
Harlynn Kinn
Harlynn Kinn
I really feel like an evil laugh is necessary at the end of that sentence Jenos. >.>


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